Wednesday 17 December 2014

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 17/12/2014: Death Grips, Thumpers, Chief Keef and more...

Once again I round up the best and worst tracks of the week. None of its particularly Christmassy, which is a pity given the time of year, but whatever. DEAL WITH IT.


'White Wall Wasteland' - Sorne

Impressively, Floridian musician Morgan Sorne appears to be a one man act, writing and performing all his own music and even designing the artwork. His newest track is tribal and epic in mood and makes me want to slap warpaint on and sharpen up my spear - not that I own a spear although I wish I did. I'm especially loving the guy's vocal tone - soaring and almost androgynous in its range.

'Inanimate Sensation' - Death Grips

If you're unfamiliar with Death Grips, this latest track will probably be as enjoyable as sticking your head in a blender. These experimental hip hoppers have been getting noisier and less accessible with each release and this new track follows suit. Its barely listenable, but exciting in its sheer bassy viscera. Part 2 of their already-half-released album The Powers That B should be hopefully dropping in the new year. The band announced this year that they were breaking up and that this will be their last record, but being the unpredictable sods that they are, this could all be fake shtick.

'The Island' - The Hanged Man

The ominous drone that sets off this track and the accompanying black and white visuals filmed from the back of Rebecka’s head had me bracing myself for something terrifying to happen. However, as sinister as the intro and visuals are, this song from Swedish indie artist Rebecka Rolfart AKA 'The Hanged Man' turns out to be actually quite pretty. The Floydian guitars that kick in cause a mellow mood shift like a sunrise emerging out of the black, and although the music video is gloomy and creepy, the horror is all implicit.

'Devotee' - Thumpers ft. Jena Malone

Featuring Hunger Games actress Jenna Malone, this glossy indie rock number revolves around four guitar chords and gradually builds in it's instrumental layers. There something quite cutesy about the music video that comes with it. It seem very improv and the band and Jenna are all having a good time.


'Nobody' - Chief Keef ft. Kanye West

Auto-tune alert: This track is drenched in it. I’ve never been into Chicago rapper, Chief Keef, and his Wall-E vocals here haven't done much in winning me over. The sample in the background meanwhile has been used by numerous rappers before including Chance the Rapper and Dr Dre (i.e. it’s getting old now - can we stop using it!) Also, where's Kanye?

'Up Like Trump' - Rae Sremmurd

It's pronounced Rae 'Shrimmer' according to the rap duo themselves. Why didn't they spell it that way? As well as an annoying name, these kids from Mississippi also come with annoyingly squeaky voices and shoddy lyrics comprised of what seem to be just a bunch of annoying buzzwords. There's a theme developing here - can you spot it?