Friday 28 August 2020

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 28/08/2020: Big Sean, Napalm Death, BTS and more...

The new Big Sean track is a big improvement, Napalm Death’s new track is hot fire and the new BTS track is a load of BS.


‘Green’ – Grace Sanders

This hazy electro-psych-pop song from Perth-based singer Grace Sanders perfectly encapsulates that feeling of being lost when everything in life seems to be turning to shit. According to the singer herself: ‘I wrote ‘Green’ after I had lost 3 jobs, my car broke down, my dad had a heart attack, a friend had passed away only the month prior – I was just generally depressed, isolated and bored. I wanted to capture that feeling of being alone in a room full of people, swamped by all the shit that’s gone on in your life and yet unable to share those feelings with anyone around you.

‘Tuff Girl’ – Strongboi

Alice Phoebe Lou’s side project Strongboi have now dropped three strong singles. This latest track is a synth-layered ultra-relaxing bossa nova jam with gender-fluid lyrics: ‘she’s the strongest boy in town/ but she’s never been tough enough for all the bigger boys’. The vocals are spa treatment to my ears.

‘Deep Reverence’ – Big Sean ft. Nipsey Hussle

This might be one of Big Sean’s best tracks to date. The personal lyrics about his ex’s miscarriage and the touching verse from Nipsey Hussle make for a surprisingly powerful listen. On top of this, there are witty rhymes thrown in like: ‘Most of the girls I know addicted to social media/ all the time they put in they could’ve wrote encyclopaedias’. The Detroit rapper will be dropping a new LP in September. You can find more information about the album on Big Sean’s social media pages (or, you know, you can get started on those encyclopaedias!!!).

‘Boris Johnson and the Big Red Bus of Bullshit’ - Those Fucking Snowflakes

This hilarious, sweary noise rock song is probably the most scathing track directed towards Boris Johnson that I’ve heard yet. The mellow outro with its falsetto-sung ‘fuck you, fuck you Boris johnson’ made me spit coffee all over my laptop. The single comes off their new EP Straight Wealthy White Male Suffrage which you can stream here.

‘Amoral’ – Napalm Death

Everyone’s favourite bubblegum pop group, Napalm Death, are back with a new single called ‘Amoral’. It’s actually surprisingly tame and groovy for the band – especially compared to some of the filthy sloppy grind they put out in their early days. A lot of fans may prefer their original sound but I can’t see them reviving it any time soon, especially considering that the group has no original members left at this point.


‘Dynamite’ - BTS

I was expecting a song called ‘Dynamite’ to be a lot more explosive than this, especially since it’s managed to amass a quarter of a billion Youtube plays in a week. So what if the K-pop overlords are now singing in English?? The lyrics are pants: ‘Cup of milk, let’s rock and roll!’. Meanwhile, the flaccid funk production sounds like it's from a rejected DNCE song. * Death threats from BTS stans incoming!*