Monday, 13 September 2021

Review of 'Donda' by Kanye West

Despite the messy roll-out, the bloated tracklist (27 tracks???) and the non-existent album art, Donda is not the slapdash slog I expected it to be. In fact, there are some solid and spectacular songs here.

Friday, 10 September 2021

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 10/09/2021: Kanye West, Little Simz, Animals as Leaders and more...

So much new music has come out in the last week. It was hard narrowing down this weekly roundup to just six tracks (ABBA, Lana Del Rey and Charli XCX didn’t even make the cut). Below are the songs that held my attention the most. Artists featured include Kanye West, Little Simz, Animals As Leaders, Jack Wakeman, Eskimo Callboy and Drake.

Friday, 3 September 2021

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 03/09/2021: Injury Reserve, JPEGMAFIA, Eric Clapton and more…

The new Clapton song is claptrap. However, it’s not all bad junk this week - Injury Reserve and JPEGMAFIA continue to put out exciting forward-thinking hip hop, and there are some creative rock gems from Book Klub, Bnny and Lazy Scorsese.

Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Double Review: 'Vince Staples' by Vince Staples and 'The House Is Burning' by Isaiah Rashad

I’ll get around to reviewing Donda in a minute. In the meantime, here’s a post for the hip hop heads – a double review of the two latest albums from Vince Staples and Isaiah Rashad.

Monday, 30 August 2021

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 30/08/2021: James Blake, Lone, Disclosure and more…

Quite a lot has happened in the world of music in the last week. Nirvana have been sued by the Nevermind baby. Kanye (or should I call him Ye) has finally dropped his new album Donda. There have also been so many new singles. This week’s roundup contains new tracks from James Blake, Lone, Disclosure, Indigo De Souza and In-Sides. It’s three days later than usual, because I’m a disorganised mess.

Friday, 20 August 2021

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE FORTNIGHT 20/08/2021: The Weeknd, Denzel Curry, Injury Reserve and more...

I missed last week's wrap-up, so here are the best songs of the last two weeks. Artists featured include The Weeknd, Denzel Curry, Injury Reserve, Turnstile, Laura Greaves, Jordan Sommerlad, The Kondoors and Riff Raff. 

Thursday, 19 August 2021

Review of ‘Call Me If You Get Lost’ by Tyler, the Creator

The new Tyler record is predominantly a rap record (opposed to Igor which felt more like an r&b record). A lot of ideas get thrown at the wall, but most of them stick.

Friday, 6 August 2021

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 06/08/2021: Turnstile, Billie Eilish, La Luz and more...

Turnstile drop another riff-laden anthem. Billie Eilish gets loud and shouty. La Luz offer some cool retro psychedelic rock. Plus more new tracks from Scott Matthews, Lee Scott and Dorian Electra.

Monday, 2 August 2021