Monday 10 June 2024

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE FORTNIGHT 10/06/2024: PinkPantheress, Magdalena Bay, Drake and more...

A few days later that planned, here is my latest track roundup. This one features new songs from PinkPantheress, Magdalena Bay, Dizraeli, Konata Small, Deadset, The Tearless Life, Raveena & Snowd4y/Drake.


‘Turn It Up’ – PinkPantheress

This is peak PinkPantheress (try saying that fast). The enchanting ‘ayayayayayaaa’ hook grabs you from the get-go, while the twinkly piano in the beat is pure 00s nostalgia (it sounds like something you might here in the emotional climax of a 00s romance movie). I also love the delay on her voice that gives it that tinge of trippiness.

‘Death & Romance’ – Magdalena Bay

5:15 is pretty long for a Magdalena Bay song. But the LA pop duo are still able to make those five minutes fly by with their dependable mix of catchy vocal melodies and off-kilter production. This one opens with fun bustling percussion and piano stabs accompanied by some melancholy slow singing from Mica Tenenbaum. It then bursts into a funky chorus. Then when you think you’ve got the song figured it veers off into a beautiful synth chord progression at 2:50 (which is repeated at the end of the song).Is this Magdalena Bay in their prog phase?

‘I See Ghosts’ – Dizraeli

Dizraeli is a British rapper/poet. His latest single ‘I See Ghosts’ is a vivid exploration of ancestry and the importance of acknowledging the good and bad within our DNA. I was immediately hooked in by the experimental beat, which features a mishmash of contrasting sounds being thrown together including a rolling tribal drum sample and video game flavoured synths. It closes with a jittery and jazzy guitar solo, making  the whole song all the harder to categorise. It’s unsettling twitchiness matches the energy of the vocals, which refuse to sit still as they jump around in time. The song comes off of Dizraeli’s new album JOY MACHINE.

‘BANG!’ – Konata Small

South Florida rapper Konata Small delivers this explosive single ‘BANG!’. The production is nuts, consisting of a loopy clarinet lick and distorted kicks, and ending with a cinematic Transformer’s-style ‘braaaaam’ noise. It takes a truly energetic rap performance to compete with such production, and Konata brings that energy.

‘Heavy Eyes’ – Deadset

Hull-based post punk band Deadset do a good job of embodying the sympathy and frustration of depression and addiction. When frontman Sam Mellors roars ‘and you get into your feels’, it’s delivered with a sense of understanding and angry disappointment. The guitars are meanwhile fittingly aggressive and moody. I especially when ‘things get heavy’ at the 2:20 mark – that jagged riff is so fun.  

‘The Leaving Light’ – The Tearless Life

The Tearless Life describe their music as ‘Cultpop from the pagan valleys of East Lancashire & The Spaces Between Spaces’. It sounds like a mixture of Pulp, David Bowie and something else. And the whole song sounds like it was recorded on a crashing computer, featuring vocals that regularly glitch out. It’s thrillingly weird and I want to hear more.

‘Junebug’ – Raveena ft. JPEGMAFIA

This is the last kind of track I would have expected to hear a JPEGMAFIA verse on. In fact, I was apprehensive that he may ruin the vibe. But the provocative rapper does a good job of taming himself down to match the refined smoothness of Raveena. The song comes off of the Massachusetts r&b singer’s upcoming album Where The Butterflies Go When It Rains.


‘Wah Gwan Delilah’ – Snowd4y ft. Drake

The feud with Kendrick has clearly taken a mental toll on Drake, because what sane person would think it’s a good idea to release this? Wah Gwan Deliah? Are you kidding me??? It turns out this is in fact a parody (fellow Canadian rapper Snowd4y is also a comedian) rather than a sincere rework of The Plain White Tees' ‘Hey There Delilah’. But it feels stupid rather than silly – all the witty puns Drake was dropping during the beef were funny, whereas this is just Toronto slang in an annoying baby voice.