Friday 28 June 2024

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE MONTH 28/06/2024: Louis Cole, JPEGMAFIA, Nilufer Yanya and more…

I haven’t done one of these for a while, so here we go! Artists featured this week include Louis Cole, JPEGMAFIA, Nilufer Yanya, Worthitpurchase, Tommy Richman, Dream Phases, Astral Swans and NoCap.


‘These Dreams Are Killing Me’ – Louis Cole

It’s time for another track from zany singer/drummer/keyboardist Louis Cole and his skeleton orchestra. This one’s a heartbreak anthem accompanied by elegant strings and funky bass. As much as I like his silly songs about masturbation and bank balance anxiety, it can be refreshing whenever Louis Cole gets sincere as it’s a chance to show how gorgeous his music can be.

‘Don’t Rely On Other Men’ – JPEGMAFIA ft. Freaky

Wake up babe, new Death Grips just dropped. Oh wait, no it’s just JPEGMAFIA. The production’s very noisy and abrasive on this one. Peggy denies us any melody until the two minute mark, pummelling the listener with fragmented drumming and thick distorted bass. When that tuneful electric guitar does come in, it’s very satisfying. Meanwhile, the lyrics are typically wild: ‘she thicker than Cartman’.  

‘Method Actor’ – Nilufer Yanya

Off her upcoming album My Method Actor, London singer-songwriter Nilufer Yanya drops this quirky almost-title-track. It starts off as an off-kilter indie bossa nova track and then without warning dives into a dissonant Deftones-y riff for the chorus. It’s at complete odds with the video, which features Nilufer dressed up like she’s about to drop a ‘Espresso’-style summer bop.

‘Heaven On Earth’ – Worthitpurchase

‘Heaven On Earth’ is an interesting juxtaposition of earthy slacker rock and cosmic glitchy electronica. ‘They say Mars is nice this time of year’ sings Nicole Rowe dreamily over spacey synths and faraway chimes, before revealing that she’s just fantasising from her ‘shitty three-bedroom apartment’. Second member Omar Akrouche takes over the vocals half-way through, at which point the synths break away in exchange for lo-fi guitars. However, the synths and Rowe’s dreamy vocals return at the end along with some bleeps and bloops, launching the listener back into the heavens. All in all, it’s quite a musical adventure.

‘Devil Is A Lie’ – Tommy Richman

Following his viral TikTok hit ‘Million Dollar Baby’, US rapper/singer Tommy Richman returns with a new single titled ‘Devil Is A Lie’ and yet again it slaps. The production reminds me of early-00s Neptunes, while the vocals sound a bit Sampha-like. I’m also loving the unpolished DIY quality. A refreshing change of pace from the overproduced trap rap dominating the scene right now.

‘Living In A Cave’ – Dream Phases

This is the second rock song about living in a cave that I’ve featured this year, which would suggest that we truly have devolved back into troglodytes. This one is the work of LA band Dream Phases and comes off their upcoming album Phantom Idol. I am absolutely loving the woozy guitars and airy vocals. Their previous tempo-changing single ‘Speed of Light’ is also a blast and worth checking out.

‘The Coward’ – Astral Swans

With a name like Astral Swans, I was hoping for something a little psychedelic. And ‘The Coward’ certainly delivers. It opens with a dissonant echoing synth complete with vortex visuals and then dives into some breezy indie pop that turns out to be lyrically themed around the not-so-breezy topic of suicide. Every time the vortex returned, I thought the song was going to fall apart, but it never does. It’s very apt considering the song is about wanting to end oneself but never following through. ‘The Coward’ is one of two songs on Astral Swans’ new split EP with Julie Doiron, Split 2.  


‘Baby Drake’ – NoCap

Know we call the chopper Adonis/ It’s a baby Drake’. Adonis is being name-dropped into rap songs left, right and centre. Personally, I think naming your gun after Drake’s son is a bit weird.