Saturday 15 March 2014

Review of "Piñata" by Freddie Gibbs and Madlib

Who’s Freddie Gibbs? Hell, I don’t know. I listened to this album for beat extraordinaire, Madlib. 

Transporting the listener back to the birth of hip hop, Pinata offers a backdrop of choppy, jazz samples that conjure up images of the seventies. It’s a style of beat that is uniquely Madlib’s – unoriginal to his fans perhaps, but super-original in comparison to every other beatsmith around. The only form of unoriginality on this album comes in the form of Freddie Gibbs. Who’s Freddie Gibbs? I’ve told you already, I don’t know. Hang on a moment whilst I do some research... #wikipedia

Freddie Gibbs grew up in Gary, Indiana. In 2006 he moved to California, after signing up with Interscope records. He’s released five EPs, three LPs and a ton of mixtapes. Some of his music was featured on the Grand Theft Auto V in-game radio.

Grand Theft Auto V

This was my first exposure to Freddie Gibbs. He hasn't blown me away, although there's no denying he has talent. He's adept in his flow and ability to rhyme and his lyrics show a refreshing degree of realism that's rare in the rap game nowadays. Still, I can’t help but feel his subject matter, as genuine as it is, is a bit dull. His tone of delivery isn’t very original either. Guest emcees such as Danny Brown, Earl Sweatshirt and Raekwon showcase this – their individual and unique style of spitting making his voice comparably bland.

Gibbs could do with finding his own motif. He should try throwing in some more tongue-in-cheek singing. His rendition of TLC’s “Waterfalls” at the end of the track “Robes” is hilarious.