Friday 11 May 2018

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 11/05/2018: Childish Gambino, LSD, Florence + The Machine and more...

My thoughts on the new tracks from Childish Gambino, LSD, Florence + The Machine and more…


‘This is America’ – Childish Gambino

It’s an early call to make, but this has got to be music video of the year surely? Rapper/actor Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino is making a clear statement on how we’re so focused on being entertained that we turn a blind eye to the chaos around us – his wacky dancing distracts us from the rioting going on in the background. The shocking scenes of gun violence also show how we’ve become numbed to it thanks to the other Donald’s refusal to bring in gun laws. It’s as if Gambino is trying rip away the veil disguising America’s ugly self, symbolised musically by the abrupt transition from happy-clappy gospel-infused pop to sinister bass-heavy trap. I’m personally not too keen on Gambino settling for mumble rap, but I guess the biggest statements sometimes require the fewest words.

‘Stammering Bill’ – LICE

Bristol rock band LICE have a sound that is deliciously dishevelled. The detuned bluesy guitars and erratic yelped vocals threaten to fall apart at any moment like some crudely assembled vehicle out of Mad Max, and yet the song continues to power along riding head-bobbing grooves. LICE happen to be signed to Balley Records – the label owned by IDLES frontman Joe Talbot. Could this label be the UK’s answer to Exploding In Sound?

 ‘Boyfriend’ – Ex Void

‘Boyfriend’ is the perfect anthem for anyone sick of their partner’s lack of attention. The instrumentation is a perfect mix of happy apathy and anger, switching between bouncy pop-rock and angry punk. It’s the sound of wanting to not give a damn, when really you can’t help but feel a little pissed off beneath it all.

‘Genius’ – LSD

LSD is a pop supergroup containing Labrinth, Sia and Diplo – three artists that I’ve never really cared for. Together however they seem to have unlocked something quite cool. ‘Genius’ sound like a mix of urban pop and Broadway theatre. Both Labrinth and Sia let loose their theatrical side, whilst Diplo refrains from dropping his usual annoying loopy synths for more epic sounding instrumentation. I can tell lots of people are going to be hooked on LSD.


‘Priice Tag’ – Desiigner

Desiigner is only popular because he had Kanye as his PR man. There are already enough rappers making this kind of music. Desiigner hasn’t even got multi-coloured dreads. There’s literally nothing interesting about him.

‘Hunger’ – Florence + The Machine

Sorry, but I couldn’t listen to the end. Florence’s wa-a-a-arbling only seems to have got more warbly.