Friday 26 October 2018

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 26/10/2018: Travis Scott, Sunshine Brothers Inc., iLOVEFRiDAY and more…

Diss tracks aimed at porn stars, 'candy floss laced in acid' and soul music seductive enough to make you pregnant.


‘Discover Each Other’ – Zac Apollo

This soul single is so seductive, I’m worried that just listening to it may have made me pregnant. Set to a slowdance-worthy tempo, Zac self-harmonises his vocals over some gorgeous guitar chords. The California musician is enviably talented, playing all the instruments and producing the track himself. The single comes off of his latest album ‘Loveset’, which I may just have to listen to - although if there are any more sensual slowjams on it like this I may just have to wear condoms on my ears.

 ‘So Bad To Me’ – Sunshine Brothers Inc.

Massachusetts bands Sunshine Brother Inc are proof that there are still unique rock acts out there (although I’m not sure if you could strictly call this rock). Their new single ‘So Bad To Me’ is a mix of carnivalesque crooning, surf-rock guitars and ice-cream-van-like synth twinkles. The layers of reverb make it sound like its coming from a distant fairground, whilst the upbeat chords occasionally take a sour turn giving it a warped feel. It’s like eating candy floss laced in acid.

‘Porch Song’ – Orchid Mantis

Effects-slathered guitar, faraway vocals and dreamy synths make up this exciting ambient/pop hybrid from Atlanta experimental artist Orchid Mantis. It’s got a chillwave/vaporwave vibe to it, except it's clearly a lot more detailed. The track makes me want to jump out my bedroom window and fly away into the clouds, so now I have to listen to this song with the windows locked because humans can't fly and I don't want to die just yet. ‘Porch Song’ is the first single from the musician’s upcoming album ‘Yellow House’.

‘Have I Ever’ – Lili Caseley

This new quirky pop single examines how love can feel different when you finally meet that one true partner, at which point all the rest of those past relationships feel phoney. The instrumental is a creative mixture of hypnotic harp and groovy synth bass that’s simple but effective. Meanwhile, Lili’s vocals carry an upbeat but pensive tone that elevates this beyond your usual pop junk.

‘SICKO MODE’ – Travis Scott ft. Drake

I’m slowly warming to Travis Scott. His lyrics are complete nonsense and his druggy flow is the reason half these Soundcloud rappers exist, however I can’t deny that this song is fucking ace. Technically, this was released back in August, but it’s now got a new big budget video so I figured I’d discuss it (it's my blog, I MAKE THE RULES). There are three different beats in this song – it’s as if Travis was asked by his producer which beat he preferred and he simply replied ‘yes’.  Drake could certainly learn a thing or two given the lack of beat transitions on Scorpion. As for the pair’s vocal performances, they both add well to the atmosphere, even I still think the lyrics are a load of baloney.


‘Mia Khalifa’ – iLOVEFRiDAY

Two awful rappers diss a porn star for a tweet that turned out to be from a fake account. It’s a shame, because if the lyrics weren't so cringe-worthy and the singing wasn't so torturous, it could actually be a pretty catchy banger.