Friday 9 November 2018

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 09/11/2018: Ariana Grande, Earl Sweatshirt, Milk Buttons and more…

Personal pop and moody rock make up this week’s tracks.


‘thank u, next’ – Ariana Grande

After several high profile breakups and the death of her ex Mac Miller, Ariana Grande is understandably done with relationships – at least for now. She’s decided she’s the only one good enough for herself right now: ‘I know they say I move on too fast/ but this one gonna last/ Cause her name is Ari/ and I’m so good with that’. It’s inspiringly positive music for facing life’s challenges, continuing the same vibe as Sweetener. I’ll admit that it’s musically a little too poppy for my liking, but the personal lyrics and Ariana’s delivery are enough to make up for this.

‘Nowhere2go’ – Earl Sweatshirt

Earl Sweatshirt also seems to be sounding more upbeat (relatively speaking – if you’ve never listened to Earl before, you’ll probably still find this suffocatingly depressive). The beat is also one of his most experimental yet – it’s a muddy mix of warped vocals, rumbling bass and shrill pops. You could argue it’s kind of directionless but then again it is titled ‘Nowhere2Go’.

 ‘Some Impression’ – Milk Buttons

I featured this alt-rock duo on my blog before and I remember them being deliciously gloomy. Opening with some time-signature-morphing riffage, this latest single from Melbourne/Brisbane-based duo Milk Buttons seems to continue in that same depressive vein. ‘Everything is going fine’ is the closing line, delivered in a dejected tone and smothered by the guitars on top so that it’s as deliberately unconvincing as possible.

‘Feel My Skin’ – Edited People

These vocals are utterly wild. I was already drawn in by the spooky guitars and mean distortion, but it’s her crazy inflections that really make this track special. They’re very Siouxsie-Sioux-inspired but with added unhinged-ness.

‘Anti romantic’ – Passive

The word ‘anti-romantic’ sums up most of the music featured this week. This track comes courtesy of Watford indie rockers Passive and it’s an intriguing mesh of sounds, containing whirring organs, close-proximity guitars and some melancholy harmonised vocal woos. The lyrics meanwhile are fairly dark, ending with the ominous line ‘I need to give up’.


‘Dip’ – Tyga ft. Nicki Minaj

Horrible lyrics, although I did enjoy the beat. Thank u, next…