Friday 6 December 2019

BEST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 06/12/2019: Tame Impala, Rina Sawayama, The Weeknd and more...

No ‘worst’ tracks this week. I’m not feeling in a hateful mood. Tis the season to be jolly.


‘Posthumous Forgiveness’ – Tame Impala

The dead can’t apologise. This latest single from Australian psych pop/rock act Tame Impala explores the feelings of resentment when someone dies before being able to say sorry for certain actions. In Kevin Parker’s case, he’s referencing the death of his dad. It starts off bitter in tone, but after an instrumental break, the whole track shifts to wishing his father was still alive in spite of everything that happened so that he could have seen his success. It’s heart-wrenching stuff and I love the way the psychedelic instrumentation and Kevin’s vocals morphs halfway to symbolise the change of feelings. All in all, it’s the third in a winning streak of great single from Tame Impala's upcoming album.

 ‘STFU!’ – Rina Sawayama

This new energetic single from British-Japanese singer Rina Sawayama sees her venting her exasperation and calling out all the culturally-insensitive jerks she’s come across over the years. It’s a satisfying explosion of built-up frustration. It features a sassy pop hook and some angry verses backed by nu-metal guitars – a combination of two very different styles that somehow works. As for the well-acted video, you’ll want to punch the dude in the face.  

‘Foolish To Try’ – Mike Baretz

NYC-based musician Mike Baretz releases this super-smooth downtempo electro-pop track. It’s got some gorgeous synths and guitars and I love the heartbroken tone of the vocals. It almost feels like the type of slow-dance music you’d hear at the end of a 70s prom, but modernised for 2019.

‘California’ – The Great Yawn

There are far too many songs about California. I didn’t expect a band called The Great Yawn to do anything exciting with this tired subject matter, but the result is dreamily captivating (and I’m not talking about the dude’s pecs in the video). The lyrics are about wanting to escape to California while also acknowledging that the state can just as easily break people’s dreams. It’s accompanied by some cool southern-state flavoured guitars (although the band are actually from South Africa).

 ‘Stupid’ – Ashnikko ft. Yung Baby Tate

I rarely ever discover music through Radio 1, but that’s exactly where I first heard this song. The bars and beats are so irresistibly catchy that I couldn’t care less about the lyrics – which seem to suggest men are useless.

‘Blinding Lights’ – The Weeknd

This is so much better than ‘Heartless’. Abel’s vocals are so much more soulful when his lyrics aren’t about being a douchebag and the synths give it a real 80s vibe. IMMA TELL MY KIDS THIS WAS PRINCE.