Friday 28 January 2022

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE MONTH 28/01/2022: Denzel Curry, Black Country New Road, Lana Del Rey and more...

It’s been a while since I did once of these track roundups. IT'S BEEN 84 YEEEARS *insert Titanic gif*. Here are some of my favourite tracks from the last month. Thank you to everyone who’s submitted music over the last few weeks – I’m still getting through it all, but I’ll get there eventually.


‘Walkin’ – Denzel Curry

Denzel Curry never misses. The Florida rapper’s latest single is set to appear on a new album Melt My Eyez See Your Future and it sees him delivering some surprisingly heavy subject matter while adopting a calmer vocal delivery (no DMX-style yelling this time). The beat is magnificent – I love the way it shifts from boom-bap to trap half-way through. The sci-fi/western flavoured video is also stunning. Tatooine vibes. You just know Jabba’s bumpin’ this in his palace.

‘Snow Globes’ - Black Country, New Road

Experimental UK rock band Black Country New Road released one of my favourite albums of 2021. I’m not sure if their new album Ants From Up There (set to drop next Friday) is going to be quite as exciting – some of the singles released so far have been a little too tame for my liking. ‘Snow Globes’ feels slightly more unhinged and is definitely more up my alley. The first two minutes had me expecting something straightforward and mellow, but then the berserk scattergun drums enter the mix and it becomes positively chaotic.

‘Burgundy Red’ – Sage & Langston Bristol

This funky single is the collaborative work of Orlando indie band Sage and ‘rapper/singer/producer/merman’ (to quote his Twitter bio) Langston Bristol. The vocals are very fun (the ‘ring ring ring’ part is so addictive) and the production is so slick (those punchy drums and woozy wah-wah guitars sound so good). If you’re looking for something fun and feelgood to brighten up the start of the year, give this a gander.

‘Midnight sun’  - Nilüfer Yanya

This cool melancholy track is the work of London singer-songwriter Nilüfer Yanya. Instrumentally, it’s got a moody rock feel to it, centred around some arpeggiated guitars which eventually become fuzz-soaked at the end. The breathy forlorn vocals however give it a soulful edge. The song is set to appear on Yanya’s new album Painless in March.

‘Getcho Mans’ – Rich Brian & Warren Hue

It’s been a while since I listened to anything from Rich Brian. I don’t remember him ever sounding so speedy. He’s rapping at Eminem speed. Is this really the same dude who gave us ‘Dat $tick’? I’m not familiar with Warren Hue, but he’s definitely got some energy too. It’s an MRJ-certified banger.

‘Vitamins’ – Kololo

Have you ever been so long without sun exposure that your skin starts turning transparent and you lose your vision and you start slowly transforming into a gangly deep sea creature. Yes? Well, this song is all about the joy of finally getting some vitamin D from the sun, or something like that. Kololo is a Bristol-based alt pop trio and I absolutely love their unique frenetic production style – the abrupt cuts and sporadically-placed percussion make it really unpredictable. In fact, I’d have been happy with an instrumental version of this – the vocals are the cherry on top. I should mention that this song came out in November, so it’s practically ancient in blogging terms, but whatever, the world needs to hear it.


‘Watercolor Eyes’ – Lana Del Rey

I’M A CREEP, I’M A WEIRDO’. Come on, Lana, this is the second time you’ve ripped off Radiohead’s ‘Creep’.

‘Eazy’ - The Game & Ye (Kanye West)

The moody beat is cool and The Game is on top form. But unfortunately Ye ruins the track with some childishly bitter bars about his divorce. Yes, breakups suck, but you’re in your 40s and you’ve got kids – throwing shade at your ex and their new partner is not a good look. Also, JESUS (YEEZUS) CHRIST, have you seen that artwork???