Thursday 22 June 2023

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE FORTNIGHT 23/06/2023: Doja Cat, Killer Mike, Paris Texas and more...

It's mostly hip hop this week. Doja Cat proves she can actually rap. Meanwhile, the new Killer Mike single slaps. Plus more great tracks from Paris Texas, The Maddocks, Sara Lew and Gunna.


‘Attention’ – Doja Cat

Singer/rapper Doja Cat has evidently reached the I-want-to-be-a-serious-artist phase of her career. Rather than just being another raunchy pop tune, ‘Attention’ sees Doja Cat getting her claws out and lashing out at all the critics and trolls. There is some signature soft sultry singing (too much alliteration?) in the hook, but for the most part she’s rapping – and her delivery and rhymes are pretty impressive. As for the beat, she’s traded trap percussion for boom bap drums (which is what every rapper does when they want to be taken seriously).   

‘Scientists & Engineers’ – Killer Mike ft. Future, Andre 3000 & Eryn Allen Kane

On the topic of serious rapping, have you heard this new Killer Mike single? Andre 3000 drops a guest verse on it, and as usual, it’s insane. His flow is so unbelievably tight. WHEN IS ANDRE 3000 GONNA DROP SOME SOLO STUFF??? As for Killer Mike, he too sounds tight as a drum. Future is doing his usual autotuned blethering, but accompanied by the gorgeous synths, it doesn’t sound too bad. Eryn Allen Kane, who I’m not familiar with, meanwhile completes the track with some very pretty singing. It comes off Killer Mike’s new album, Michael, which dropped last Friday.

'Everybody's Safe Until...' - Paris Texas

Paris Texas are an alternative hip hop duo who do not hail from Paris or Texas but in fact LA in California. Their new single 'Everybody's Safe Until...' sees them playing around with kooky vocal deliveries over a driving infectious bass riff. It's one of the most unique hip hop songs I've heard all year. An album titled MID AIR is scheduled to be released this summer. 

‘If Anyone Can’ - The Maddocks

All this experimental UK post-punk is fun and all. But sometimes it’s nice to hear a straightforward tune. That’s what we get with this new single ‘If Anyone Can’ from Manchester band, The Maddocks. The opening clean riff had me hooked straight away, but I think it’s the belter of a chorus that really sold me.

‘Out Of Nowhere’ – Sara Lew

I’m loving the witchy vibes coming off of this track from the ethereal singing to the possessed dancing in the sea. It’s also got a unique ascending guitar riff that pulls you in and keeps you hypnotised. The track comes off the Danish singer’s upcoming album LOUD.  


‘Back To The Moon’ – Gunna

I don’t know what it is that hip hop fans see in Gunna. ‘Back To The Moon’ is astronomically dull. He sounds like a deflated version of Young Thug.