Friday 21 July 2023

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE FORTNIGHT 21/07/2023: Wargasm, PinkPantheress, MJ Lenderman and more...

This week's selection is an odd mix of pop and metal. Artist's featured include Wargasm, Harmony, PinkPantheress, MJ Lenderman, Moose Wrench and Lil Gnar.


‘Do It So Good’ – Wargasm

‘Do It So Good’ is an in-your-face rave metal anthem that mixes Prodigy-flavoured synths and Korn-like metal riffs. It’s both violent enough to fuel a mosh pit and kinky enough to play in a sex dungeon, which I guess is what they were going for with a name like Wargasm.  The UK duo are dropping their debut album this autumn.

‘Shoplifting from Nike’ – Harmony

This new single from ex-Girlpool member Harmony Tividad is pop on steroids. It contains an impressive plethora of pop culture references over a chirpy beat that borders on hyperpop. And Harmony’s vocal delivery is ridiculously catchy. I usually find pop songs like this to be overly bratty, but this track just feels fun. The single comes off of Harmony’s forthcoming EP Dystopia Girl.

‘Turn Your Phone Off’ – PinkPantheress ft. Destroy Lonely

PinkPantheress’s mouse-like voice sounds so good over this atmospheric jungle beat - especially that suitably breathy ‘breathe in, breathe out’ part at the end that plays out like meditation instructions. I totally expected Destroy Lonely to ruin the song, but his garbled vocals are on beat and they kinda fit the woozy production. The old skool fade out is a nice touch too.

‘Rudolph’ – MJ Lenderman

I misread ‘MJ Lenderman’ as ‘MJ Slenderman’ and was honestly expecting some weird creepypasta-inspired Christmas song. But there are no slendermen in this track. Nor is it a Christmas song (at least I don’t think it is). Instead, ‘Rudolph’ turns out to be a moody loser anthem made up of slacker rock vocals and lazy lap steel guitar, contrasted with punchy cowbell and over-compressed snare, which is better than any festive Slenderman song could ever be.   

‘Not Dead Yet’ – Moose Wrench

Moose Wrench describe themselves as ‘dad bod alt-metal’, which doesn’t sound particularly cool, but bear with me. ‘Not Dead Yet’ is a song about not wasting your life away just because you’re not young anymore. It succeeds because it doesn’t take itself seriously at all, and because it has some genuinely playful instrumentation (I love that bass riff during the chorus). If anything it capture the very essence of what its trying to preach – just because you’re not 21 anymore doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.


‘PB&J’ – Lil Gnar, Chief Keef & Young Nudy

Shit sandwich.