Monday 1 July 2013

Review of "Settle" by Disclosure


I've heard people trying to classify this album into a neat genre. Is it garage? Is it deep house? Is it dance-pop? Is it UK Funky? What even is UK funky?

My answer would be that it doesn't matter. This is hot, sweaty, nostalgia-inducing, feelgood babymaking music for breeds of all EDM fans. Raw, old-skool drum beats and warm, organ chords are layered with impressive vocal performances from the likes of Jessie Ware to Eliza Doolittle. The choruses are catchy and the music is emotionally intense - a refreshing contrast to the impassive, random, robotic fart music that has been popular in previous years. Its nice to know that such melodic electronic music can manage to attract a mainstream audience. It gives me hope for the future of pop.