Thursday 20 February 2014

Review of "Civilia Demo" by Isaiah Rashad

Top Dawg Entertainment’s latest inductee shows off his versatility on this super-chill so-called “EP” (since when did a nearly-fifty-minute running time not constitute as a full album?). 

The young Tennessee rapper knows how to switch up his flow and deliver a sweet hook. He’s also real and he knows it. Aided by some smooth, lush, loungey beats, Civilia Demo makes for a truly engaging hip hop record great for vibing to! 

I can’t say I was all too enamoured by the lyrics. The tributes to his hip hop idols, Scarface and Master P, were pretty nice and he has some touching stuff to say about fatherhood. Other than that nothing really stuck with me. The dude sure likes the herb, I got that much.