Thursday 27 February 2014

Review of "Love Death Immorality" by Glitch Mob

Glitch Mob’s debut, Drink the Sea, was rich in atmosphere and although the tracks were a little too quirky for your average night club they had a unique character to them that pulled in the listener. Love Death Immorality, the electronic three-piece’s second album, seems to be a step in the wrong direction. 

Although pristinely produced and rich in texture, the group’s new sound has the personality of a plank. It’s a mixture of Skrillexy brostep and generic electro house that’s far too calculated. The build-ups and melodies are predictable and fail to cling to the cortex. 

I’d like to say the group got more accessible, but the multiple layers make this almost too complex for the mainstream club scene. It’s a shame – the group have clear bags of talent and a definite ear for texture. What’s sorely missing is a playful sense of creativity.