Thursday 3 April 2014

Review of "Arc Iris" by Arc Iris

Arc Iris is an amalgamation of every genre of music your grandparents used to listen to, moulded together to create something surprisingly new and vibrant. 

It’s a dizzying cabaret adventure flaunting ragtime pianos, folky violins, country guitars and jazzy horns. There are even some doo wop vocal harmonies thrown in on the track “Ditch”. Jocie Adams’ sweet traditional vocal delivery transports the listener through the mishmash of vintage sounds, her lyrics barbed with a modern edginess that covers subject matter such as cocaine and “masturbating on a sorrowed mind”. 

I’m not big on the wobbling vibra-a-a-a-ato vocals that creep in now and then, but that’s a matter of personal preference. Her vocal talent is undeniable, performed with a playful grace that perfectly complements the multiple musical favours.