Saturday 5 April 2014

Review of 'No mythologies to follow' by Mø

Karen Marie Ørsted (Mø) proves that Denmark have more to offer to the pop scene than Aqua and Alphabeat.

Her debut album demonstrates a quirky, atmospheric style of pop – we’ll call it pøp music. Nelly Furtado meets Grimes accompanied by echoey synths and digital trap percussion. Some of the tracks are dark and gloomy such as ‘Waste of Time’. Others have a beguiling, feel-good vibe such as ‘Don’t Wanna Dance’ with its sprightly chorus and the track ‘XXX 88’ featuring producer Diplo. Its a creative and emotive album that could be made even more creative and emotive were Karen to really push her talents and personality to the forefront. 

Be sure to check out the deluxe edition of this album for its percussion free ‘night versions’ of various tracks. The reverb-soaked choral harmonies create a haunting James Blake quality. By the way, does anyone know how to pronounce Mø?