Monday 1 September 2014

Review of 'True That' by Michael Cera

Hollywood actor, Michael Cera, shows off his musical side, serving up a selection of strange jazz and folk instrumentals. It’s a creative little album, I’ll give him that. Unfortunately, the whole thing sounds like it was recorded with a potato. 

not just any potato either - a bad potato.
Clearly, a celebrity as successful as Cera could have rented out the best recording studio money can buy had he wanted. So why didn’t he? Well, I get the feeling Cera doesn’t really want to take this whole music career thing seriously. This is just a side-line for him, a hobby. Plus, lo-fi is what all the cool underground bands are into these days. Good sound quality is, like, sooo last year.

I'll agree to an extent, too much production can make an album feel cold and artificial, but too little can make an album just sound like shit, as is the case here (Sorry Cera). The pianos on this record sound tinny and horrible. Cera’s vocals are also very shaky and mixed badly. The only thing that’s really listenable here is the guitar.

This, combined with poorly-fleshed out songs, makes the album feel terribly amateurish. But hey that’s probably what Cera was going for.

Besides, this album could be worse. I was expecting Sex Bo-bomb-style banal indie rock, which this definitely isn’t.

Michael Cera's in-film character, Scott Pilgrim, and his band, Sex Bo-bomb

Coincidentally, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World co-star Elizabeth Mary Winstead has also released an album this year, the review of which can be read here