Friday 22 January 2016

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 22/01/2016: Tacocat, Guerilla Toss, Radiation City and more...

A lot of female fronted rock this week. And the new Savages album is on the way. Its time to embrace girl power and guitars!


'Tabloid Crush' - Blank Body

Still clueless as to whether Blank Body is a he or she, I’ve concluded the faceless electronic producer probably isn’t a human nor a robot or a ghost as I previously guessed but in fact an angel. From the commencing wind chimes I knew this was going to be a gorgeous track, but nothing could have prepared me for the divine outer body experience that would follow.  Listen and be converted.

'I Hate the Weekend' - Tacocat

As someone who currently and regularly works weekends I can relate to this song. This Seattle band describe themselves as ‘pop-punk-pop’. Their bio is worth a read and is much more cutesy and entertaining than anything I could muster.

'Somewhere or Nowhere' - Hannah

I love how loud this Manchester rock group sound, especially those intense post-chorus strums (yes, Hannah is a band not a person, and as far as I can tell none of the members are called Hannah either. Strange, I know.) Their entire full-length As The World Turns is free to stream on Bandcamp.

'Diamond Girls' – Guerilla Toss

When does noise rock become simply noise? Judging from the sour shrieking at the beginning I was inclined at first to think this was the latter, but then that groovy guitar riff entered the mix and won me over. Approach with an open mind.

'Milky White' - Radiation City

Fuzzy guitars and sparkly synths make up the backdrop of this bustling funk rock tune. If the chorus doesn’t get your shoulders moving, see a doctor because nothing will. Apparently, there are two couples in this band. They’re basically an indie Abba.


'Bloodline' - Roam

Dime-a-dozen pop-punk complete with De Longe drawl vocals. Obviously, Kerrang love it.