Wednesday 27 January 2016

Review of 'Adore Life' by Savages

Despite love being the running theme on this album, all-female London rockers Savages aren’t sounding any more romantic, certainly instrumentally.

Aggressive drumming and sulky guitars make for some of Savages most savage tracks yet. ‘The Answer’ kicks off the record, sporting a galloping riff and driving vocals set to a disorientating whirlwind of percussion. Songs like speedy thrasher ‘T.I.W.Y.G’ meanwhile are less complex but just as satisfyingly pummelling.

Sadly, for all its well-paced energy boosts, there are an equal number of slow-moving numbers that kill the momentum. ‘Adore’ plods along tediously for five minutes, only exploding for the last thirty seconds. The aptly titled ‘Slowing Down The World’ meanwhile comes immediately after, a mid-paced ambler with an unenthusiastically groaned hook that never gets going at all.

A little more immediacy could have spiced things up. Whilst many of the songs do erupt magnificently at the end, the long wait beforehand isn’t always worthwhile.