Friday 24 August 2018

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 24/08/2018: Disclosure, I Aeronaut, Paul McCartney and more…

Disclosure won’t stop dropping new songs and Paul McCartney wants to ‘fuh’ you.


‘Moonlight’ – Disclosure

Disclosure have been going nuts this week releasing new singles left, right and centre – by the time you’ve read this post they’ll have probably released three more tracks. Despite experimenting with different genres such as funk and even 50s pop, the bulk of this new material has been pretty meh. The exception is 'Moonlight', which is everything I love from Disclosure with it's slick build-up and glossy chords. Of all the tracks released, it's probably the closest to the duo's original deep house sound. Why can't all the other singles be like this? Why do musicians have to change? I HATE CHANGE.

‘Balancing Act’ – I, Aeronaut

This is like some chillwave take on Radiohead – it’s a grainy mix of moody vocals, distorted drums and reverb-soaked guitars. At points it’s so muddy, you can barely distinguish sounds from one another, yet it remains a pretty cloud of sounds rather than an ugly mess.

‘Tick Tock’ – Japanese Television

This intense instrumental is the work of space-surf rockers Japanese Television. It races along to the accompaniment of a driving bass riff and pounding drum beat whilst various psychedelic effects play out over the top. It makes me picture the hero of an action movie racing through traffic to disarm a bomb in the local mall that’s tick-tocking away.

‘SPACEMAN’ – Chloe Black

This is pure unadulterated pop, the likes of which I usually avoid on this blog, but there’s something unique in the melody that elevates this beyond your usual radio fodder. I particularly like the transition from the woozy verse to the grandiose chorus. I don’t even care that the lyrics are about wanting to fuck a spaceman.


‘Fuh You’ – Paul McCartney

I’m not the first to make this joke, but here it is anyway: hasn’t Paul come a long way since ‘I want to hold your hand’? It’s interesting, because if anyone else had sung this hook in 2018, no-one would bat an eyelid – that’s how overtly sexual pop music has become. The fact that it’s coming out of the mouth of a 76-year-old ex-Beatle’s mouth is what makes it so scandalous, and I kind of respect him for having the audacity to do it. The issue is that Paul doesn’t go far enough – if he really wanted to stir things up he should jumped on a Death Grips beat or some grindcore, not this clean commercial crap.