Friday 15 February 2019

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 15/02/2019: Hollowlove, Bruno Mars, Avril Lavigne and more...

This week I bring you songs about loving computers, J-rock anthems and an Avril Lavigne/Nicki Minaj collaboration.


‘I Love My Computer’ – Hollowlove

It’s always great to hear love songs around Valentine’s Day, and what better song to epitomise love in 2019 than this new track from Vancouver electropop duo ‘I Love My Computer’. It amazes me how this duo are able to tackle serious social messages whilst crafting ridiculously fun songs in the process. This time the topic is tech addiction, sung from the perspective of a lovestruck digital junkie to the accompaniment of glossy synths funky enough to rival Jamiroquai. If I ever get married to my laptop (I hope she says yes – I’m yet to pop the question), this is the song I’ll use for the first dance.

‘Day Dream Heights’ – Walker Landing

With its breathy vocals and neon twinkling synthesizers, this nocturnal track draws heavily from the eighties, whilst adding enough polish to the production to keep it modern. It’s music for cruising the city streets late at night whilst wearing shades (but preferably not heavily tinted shades that could cause you to have an accident, because safety before coolness). The track comes off the producer/singer’s new album 1111, which was composed between Brooklyn, San Francisco, Chicago and Berlin adding to its sense of escapism and wanderlust.

‘This Breed Will Find Something Worthwhile’ – I, Aeronaut

I’m used to hearing drug-addled rappers spitting about smoking blunts over this type of psychedelic production, so it was a pleasant surprise when the vocals came in (although as I later realised, I have featured this artist before on the blog). In fact, I want to hear more people singing non-weed-related lyrics over these types of beats.

‘Choose Go!’ – CHAI

J-rock usually isn’t my thing, but these girls are so fun and infectious that I’ve found myself constantly returning to this track. The groovy guitars and chanted vocal melodies have a cutesiness that’s missing from rock in the west. Maybe if I translated the lyrics I’d think differently – they could be singing about killing puppies for all I know. I prefer not knowing.  

‘Please Me’ – Cardi B & Bruno Mars

It’s time for a slow and seductive sex anthem. Grab the marmalade and the boxing gloves and the jump leads and whatever other utensils you crazy people use in the bedroom. Ever since releasing ‘24K Magic’, Bruno Mars been on an unstoppable 90s nostalgia trip and last year he reached the pinnacle of 90s nostalgia with ‘Finesse’, featuring a guest verse from Cardi B. The two have now returned for another collaboration that’s equally 90s flavoured but this time with a much raunchier vibe. It’s a lot of fun – enjoy it now before the radio plays it to death.


‘Dumb Blonde’ – Avril Lavigne ft. Nicki Minaj

It’s not as bad as ‘Hello Kitty’, but I’m still having a hard time watching Avril Lavigne clawing onto relevancy. The Nicki Minaj feature doesn’t fit the track and the whole song feels like it should have been released in 2009.