Saturday 2 February 2019

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 02/02/2019: Onoe Caponoe, BatWhaleDragon, Brandon Hoogenboom and more...

This week, I take a break from well-known artists and shine the light on some quirky underground talent.


‘Suicide City’ – Onoe Caponoe

This lo-fi funky beat gives me tingles – props to producer Jae Genius, whose SoundCloud I shall be checking out. UK rapper Onoe Caponoe meanwhile matches the energy with some speedy bars and lovably abstract lyrics about fucking a cactus and smoking with Draculas (that’s about all I could make out). The trippy visuals are the cherry on top.

‘Bitter End’ – Young & Sick

Young & Sick is the project of LA-based Dutch-born musician Nick Van Hofwegen, who is also a visual artist who has created album artwork for everyone from Maroon 5 to Foster The People. This latest single is a bombastic but utterly addictive funk tune. Trippy visuals seem to be a running theme this week – this is one of the most psychedelic lyric videos I’ve ever watched.

‘The Sweet Smell of Bridges Burnt’ – BatWhaleDragon

Who is BatWhaleDragon? This info page has left me none the wiser – they come from Bruges in Belgium and that was about all I could uncover. Their new single ‘The Sweet Smell of Bridges Burnt’ is an electronic instrumental made of gorgeous twinkling synths that will make you feel like you’re floating through the clouds (on the back of a batwhaledragon). It comes off their latest album, Zoa Constrictor, which is inspired by vaporwave and William Blake.

‘Feelin’ – Brandon Hoogenboom

Brandon Hoogenboom is a singer songwriter from LA. He also designs underwear (I love it when press releases throw in completely random information). This latest single is a jangly indie track with Beatles-esque undertones and a hint of Father John Misty in the vocals – I’m definitely feelin’ the summery vibe (even if it is currently winter). The warped pitch-shifted opening is kind of scary but it’s creative and certainly drew me in.


‘Momma’ – Buu

SUCK ON MY DICK, DICK, DICK, DICK, DICK, DICK, DICK…’. That’s literally the hook. And for some horrifying reason the track is called ‘Momma’? My face hurts from grimacing.