Friday 21 April 2023

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE FORTNIGHT 21/04/2023: redveil, Squid, Drake and more...

Artists featured this week include redveil, Squid, Adult Leisure, Dragonfruit, Boni and Drake.


‘Captain’ – redveil

Maryland hip hop artist redveil has found the perfect balance between soulful and hi-octane. He’s what Denzel Curry would sound like he leant into his melodic side a bit more, or what Saba might sound like if he turned up the 808s.  His delivery is so catchy and his production is so fun, and I’m pretty psyched to hear more from him. Playing w/ fire, his new EP, it out today.

‘Undergrowth’ – Squid

‘Undergrowth’ is the latest single from bonkers Brighton band Squid. Ollie Judge really sounds like Thom Yorke now that he’s toned down the yelping. I’m also getting a Radiohead vibe from the hypnotic bass groove. The rest of it still thankfully sounds like Squid though. I love the fidgety embellishments of guitar and trumpet, and the ethereal church bell synths at the end are very cool too. At first it’s all a bit disorientating, but on subsequent listens it all comes together.  

‘Happiness’ – Adult Leisure

Off their debut EP The Weekend Ritual, Bristol alt-indie band Adult Leisure deliver this new single ‘Happiness’ – a song which clearly isn’t very happy at all when you dig into the lyrics. According to vocalist/lyricist Neil Scott, ‘Happiness’ is ‘a song born out of the ‘working for the weekend’ culture; the struggles with acting your age, being responsible, trying to reduce the youthful hedonistic lifestyle with the grim reality you’re getting older’. Having recently hit 30, I can relate, and I think the song musically does a great job of capturing the exasperating feeling of youth slipping away.  At the same time, it’s still a very fun song – the racing guitars are very satisfying and the vocals are truly addictive.  

‘Honeymoon phase’ – Dragonfruit

‘Honeymoon phase’ is a song about wanting to return to the early days of a relationship when the passion was alive and everything was new and exciting. It’s got some gorgeous velvety chords and bubbly bass that give me Kaytranada vibes and some silky soulful semi-sung semi-rapped vocals. The song is the title track off the Rotterdam alt-r&b band’s new EP Honeymoon Phase, which features more plush synths and silky vocals.

‘Saturday Night’ – Boni

Boni is a founding member of experimental electronic trio, Fried Dough (who I’ve previously interviewed on this blog). This new track comes off his solo self-titled debut EP Boni. It’s a rock track at its core, however the punchy trip hop percussion gives it a unique edge.


‘Search & Rescue’ – Drake

These days, AI seems to be doing a better job of writing Drake songs than Drake himself. 'Search & Rescue' has a cool moody atmosphere, but Drake's delivery is flat. And even though I know he’s saying ‘mami’, I keep hearing it as ‘mummy’, which makes me picture Drake singing from a high chair.