Friday 8 September 2023

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE FORTNIGHT 08/09/2023: Doja Cat, Eyedress, James Blunt and more...

Doja Cat turns demonic and James Blunt is making dance music. Plus more new music from Eyedress (ft. Mac DeMarco), The Dandys, 1tbsp and Mette.


‘Demons’ – Doja Cat

Someone call an exorcist! That’s two Doja Cat videos in a row full of demonic imagery. This one is particularly hellish and creepy. IT’S NOT HALLOWEEN QUITE YET, DOJA! ‘Demons’ sees Doja contrasting her sweet breathy signature rapping with a possessed shouted chorus that makes the whole thing feel excitingly unhinged. Her lyrics remain mean and spicy, and the beat is savage (you want any more compression on that bass?). All in all, Scarlet is shaping up to be a pretty fun album.

‘The Dark Prince’ – Eyedress ft. Mac DeMarco

Lo-fi legends Eyedress and Mac DeMarco have teamed up to create this new lovesick anthem full of unpredictable jazzy guitar chords and breathy vocals that sound like they’re being sung through a karaoke mic in a dark basement. It’s got a fittingly weird video that is full of creepy imagery (albeit not as creepy as Doja Cat’s Demons). As songs about being an infatuated creep go, it’s pretty damn good.  

‘Gums’ – The Dandys

‘Gums’ has more bite to it than I was expecting. It starts as a slow bluesy rock anthem, and then suddenly shifts up a few gears, accelerating into what I guess is the chorus followed by what sounds like guitars or synths or maybe ray guns. The creative effects and numerous tempo changes throughout the song certainly kept me on the edge of my seat. The single comes off the Australian indie band’s new EP Sex and Feuds, which is out next Friday.

‘Best of Me’ – 1tbsp

Off his debut album Mosquito Love, Australian producer 1tbspn (AKA Maxwell Byrne) delivers this new exciting deep house single ‘Best Of Me’. Those pitched up vocals over those silky chords are truly hypnotic. I haven’t listened to 1tbsp before, so I don’t know if ‘Best of Me’ is truly the best that 1tbsp has to offer. I guess I’ll have to listen to the album to find out.  

‘Van Gogh’ – Mette

Although the American pronunciation of Van Gogh does make me throw up a bit, I can’t deny that this is a fun pop single. It’s got a great hook and I’m loving the glitzy beat. There’s also a cool teaser of a key change at the end. Funnily enough, JID and Lil Yachty also released a song called ‘Van Gogh’ this week. Anymore Van Goghs I need to know about?


‘Beside You’ – James Blunt

This is very uptempo for James Blunt. Sadly his voice is still as unpleasant and the melody has been ripped directly from Planet Funk’s ‘Chase The Sun’. I’m sorry, JB. Please don’t roast me.