Monday 25 September 2023

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE FORTNIGHT 25/09/2023: Blood Incantation, Denzel Curry, Jockstrap and more…

This week’s selection is pretty diverse. Artists featured include Blood Incantation, Denzel Curry, Pastel Blank, Menajerie, PEACH and Jockstrap & Taylor Skye ft. Ian Starr.


‘Luminescent Bridge’ – Blood Incantation

Blood Incantation’s 2019 album Hidden History of The Human Race was one of the best death metal albums I’d heard in a long time. They followed this up in 2021 with an ambient album – which wasn’t my cup of tea, but I appreciate the band’s insane versatility. Now the Denver musicians are back with another project in the pipeline. The two singles they’ve released from it seem to be a fusion of metal and ambient. ‘Obliquity of The Ecliptic’ provides that much needed dose of death growls, blast beats and chugged riffs that I was after, but surprisingly it’s their new Pink Floydy instrumental ‘Luminescent Bridge’ that I prefer out of the two. The track has such an epic build-up, and although I expected it to eventually explode into death metal, the fade into cavernous spacey ambience is just as satisfying.  

‘Sked’ – Denzel Curry

Hip hop singles keep getting shorter. I’d barely got my headphones on and the track had already ended. Nonetheless, ‘Sked’ is 99 seconds of pure fire.  The slimy bassline is nasty and Denzel hasn’t sounded this threatening since, well, ‘Threatz’. Also, I just realised ‘sked’ means ‘scared’ and isn’t some obscure new slang word.   

‘Dopamine’ – Pastel Blank

10 years ago when I started this blog, finding new exciting music to write about was easy. Nowadays, it feels like much more of a mission to find stuff that’s truly fresh and exciting. Is the quality of music getting worse? Or have I just numbed my dopamine receptors by consuming too much music over the years? It was at this moment that I stumbled across this track in my inbox, which is all about the chase for dopamine online that causes us to scroll endlessly through social media. We’re all trying to look for that next quick dopamine hit online, and it becomes harder the older you get. Needless to say, this track stood out to me and gave me that dopamine hit I’d been looking for. And not just because the message – the funky ever-evolving instrumentation slaps too. The single comes off the Canadian indie band’s upcoming LP.

‘Holding Pattern’ – Menajerie

‘Holding Pattern’ won me over in the first 20 seconds. Jazzy guitars play out to a slow but sharp stomping beat, which then abruptly stops dead to allow some smooth liquid vocals to trickle in. It’s this type of seductive tension that I look for in a neo-soul song and this track is oozing with it. The Meanjin/Brisbane-based neo-soul outfit (which is uniquely fronted by three female vocalists) are releasing their debut EP Selective Deafness this Friday.

‘Already There’ – PEACH

This is just the type of noisy rock single I was craving this week. The vocals are energetic and raw, mixed loud enough so that they cut through the fuzzy riffs without overpowering them, and I love how absolutely tuneless and fucked-up the guitar solo is at the end. ‘Already There’ will appear on the band’s debut self-titled album PEACH out on the 30th September.


‘Red Eye’ – Jockstrap & Taylor Skye ft. Ian Starr

This is Playboi-Carti-esque autotuned mumble rap pushed to the very extreme. It’s so hostile on the ears that I can kinda understand the thrill of it. At the same time, I never want to hear it again.