Saturday 4 May 2013

Review of "Wolf" by Tyler, the Creator

 “Kill people, burn shit, fuck school”. The lyrical shock value on Tyler's previous album was cornily over the top. The young rapper has now returned with, Wolf, his third album. Whilst by no means sweet and innocent, the album feels so much more, dare I say it, “mature”. 

Tracks like 'Answer' and 'Lone' are fantastically heart-wrenching, contrasted by genuinely hilarious songs like 'Colossus'. The beats are moodily jazzy and very crisp - a characteristic of Tyler's music that has always grabbed me. 'Tamale' offers my favourite instrumental, switching from dense tribal percussion to trap. Fellow members of the hip hop collective, Odd Future, make some brilliant guest appearances. Its an impressive album and beneath the obnoxious attitude shines so much talent that you'd be equally as obnoxious to ignore it. Slowly but surely, I think I'm becoming a Tyler fanboy.