Tuesday 22 July 2014

Review of Gangsta Stripper Music 2 by BeatKing

Loving the rainbow! Gay pride all the way!

Sexually explicit inane lyrics. Check. Obnoxious 808 bass drums. Check. Autotuned and pitched down vocals. Check. Staccato flows that sound like someone's having an asthma attack. Check.

The problem with trap rap these days is its so damn predictable. However, you could also argue that an album that entitles itself 'Gangsta Stripper Music 2' doesn't exactly set out to surprise the listener. This album is what it says on the tin. If I wanted lyrics with Atlantean depth and jazzy boom bap instrumentals then I would have been an idiot for giving this record a listen and expecting those things.

What provoked me into listening to this record was the track 'ClubGodzilla'. The beat with its godzilla screams, sinister cinematic stabs and synth splashes and ridiculously OTT lyrics suggested BeatKing was more than your average trap producer and rapper - and indeed he is. His beats are gaudily infectious and lyrically he's more tongue and cheek and more self-aware of how obnoxious he is than say that moron, Future, or any of the A$AP mob, and that makes this album quite fun. Fun but stupid.

Overall, a great mixtape to buy for your grandparents.