Friday 15 July 2016

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 15/07/2016: Jaden Smith, Crystal Castles, De La Soul and more...

I never know what to write in these introductory segments, so I'll just leave you with this inspirational quote from topical artist of the day Jaden Smith: 'How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real'


'Labor V2' - Jaden Smith

No, I haven’t lost my marbles. Not all of them anyhow. The-Karate-Kid-actor and deranged-Twitter-yogi (he also happens to be the son of The Fresh Prince of Bel-air) has also been trying his hand at rap in recent years, the result of which has been largely awful, but now he’s delivered this all-bars-no-hook genuine gem titled ‘Labor V2’. Reminding us that he’s ‘only eighteen’, the young emcee proceeds to spit some confusing-but-amusing rhymes over a beautifully cinematic string-based beat. I’m especially liking ‘your banana flows they don’t appeal’.

'Deep Blue Sea' - Eleusia

Brilliantly describing themselves as ‘4 talented procrastinators who come together to get intoxicated and jam some tunes into a delicious sandwich’, Kent quartet Eleusia meld the groove of Steely Dan and the wah-wah-addiction of Jimi Hendrix into a solid piece of funk-rock psychedelia that’ll have you air guitaring your mate’s bong.  

'SP' - Big Jesus

How can a song sound both incredibly lively and yet incredibly chilled? Atlanta rock group Big Jesus are clearly capable of miracles. The grungy guitars and zen vocals make for a heavenly combo.

'Char' - Crystal Castles

Don’t get angry, but I’ve never listened to Crystal Castles before. Just never got round to it. Until now. A similar clash of ying and yang to that Big Jesus track above, Ethan’s violent synth arpeggios and new vocalist Edith’s choir-like singing make for a single that’s pretty but equally spooky. Is it as good as their old stuff? Better, definitely. (I haven’t listened to any of their old stuff, but I’m going to pretend I’m an expert on the matter, because that’s what us music bloggers do).

'Action!' - De La Soul

What is this corny-ass shit?’ was my first reaction to this new bouncy goofball track from Hip Hop old-timers De la Soul. ‘It’s kinda funky and adorable though, especially that beat’, was my second reaction. ‘Oh no, it’s for that loathsome new Angry Birds movie isn’t it?’, was my third reaction. ‘There must be a reason I keep returning to this track …’ was my reaction on my fourth listen. In other words, this is dope.


Fergie - M.I.L.F. $

To be honest, it’s not that bad on mute.