Friday 5 May 2017

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 04/05/2017: Paramore, Wavves, The I.L.Ys and more...

Paramore swap out pop-punk for funk. Also, Christian trap rap is a thing.


‘I Told You So’ – Paramore


Good news to all those teens of the noughties that once hung Hayley Williams posters above their beds. Paramore are back with two new singles (the other titled ‘Hard Times’) and an imminent new album. They’ve exchanged their pop punk roots for a funkier sound reminiscent of Angles-era Strokes.  But don’t worry - the hookiness and angst is still there.  I’m also loving the retro-flavoured video – it’s very noir (or should I say rouge?).

‘What You Did To Me’ – Oceans


These Brighton lads have polished up their sound since I last featured them. I’m sad to see the groove has gone, but the frontman’s newfound angelic delivery makes up for it. It’s proggy post-hardcore with a touch of Erasure.

‘No Shade’ – Wavves


Despite not even being two minutes in length, this new white-knuckled thrasher packs more thrills than Wavves’ previous four singles combined. Even if the lyrics are about drinking lemonade, the buzzsaw guitars will shake you up like a shot of tequila.

‘I Love You Man’ – The I.L.Ys


Death Grips side project The I.L.Ys deliver this new satisfying slice of psych rock. With its grungy guitars and stoned ‘I love you maaan’ chorus, you might think this were some undiscovered band from the early nineties if it weren’t for digital age phasered whooshes and CGI video.

‘Fading’ – Precept


It’s been mostly rock this week. But for those wanting their electronica fix, this new Leeds producer/singer Precept has a new single ought to satisfy your appetite. Ghostly vocals and moody synths come together for a truly brooding sound.   


‘Sell Out’ – ASAP Preach


This is actually a mean trap banger, but the God-fearing isn’t my thing. Plus the anti-materialist lyrics are kinda contradicted by the designer clothes and cars and mansion in the video.