Friday 20 May 2016

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 20/05/2016: Blink-182, Die Antwoord, ASAP Mob and more...

This week, I tell you what I think about Blink, I open my gob concerning ASAP Mob and I let you know whether Die Antwoord are bad or good. Should I write in rhyme all the time? No, good, let’s move on…


'Fly by Night' - Lucian

Can we all take a moment to appreciate this beat? It’s half-Bond-Theme, half-banger. And the chick’s soaring vocals are ace, although I could have sworn she uttered ‘I ain’t going to shite on time’ at one point?

'Infinity' - Red Giant

If Regina Spektor embraced wubs it would sound like this ominous electropop track. Her smoky sighful delivery and the slowburning sub-bass make for a seductive combo. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on this New Brunswick pair.

'On and On' - Oceans

I apologise for the lack of guitars this week, these Brighton lads and their new groovy rock single ought to suffice. It’s semi-proggy without being indulgent, catchy without being poppy, just an all-round solid tune. And those vocals will have the ladies swarming in. Or not as the video suggests. Well, I’ll be swarming in anyway...

'Dazed & Confused' - Die Antwoord ft. God 

This isn’t as obnoxious as previous releases from the South African rap duo, which is probably why I like it. The reggae-flavoured beat is hypnotic, as is Yolandi’s soft sing-rapping, as is Ninja’s soft sing-rapping (I’m used to him sounding mean and scary). God meanwhile produces the track (Who me? I didn’t know I produced this!!!)

'Yamborghini High' - ASAP Mob ft. Juicy J

This isn’t as obnoxious as previous releases from the New York trap rap collective, which is probably why I like it. Your computer isn’t lagging by the way, the music video is supposed to look like that. Props for these guys for not letting their masculinity get in the way of wearing pink robes.


'Built This Pool' - Blink-182

It's 14 seconds and still too long. Plus, it’s not gay enough.