Friday 13 May 2016

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 13/05/2016: Radiohead, James Blake, Justin Timberlake and more...

It’s weekly round-up time, where I bring you the best of indie electronica featuring male whimpering.


'Lite Spots' - Kaytranada

Haitan-Canadian producer Kaytranada has only gone and dropped another sparkly banger, and this time it's accompanied by a feelgood video in which the musician teaches a Japanese robot how to dance (Kay has some moves – although he doesn’t teach the robot how to do the robot, which is absolutely devastating).  

'Stranger' - Axton Frick

It's stylised AXTON FRICK, for all you vaporwave aesthetic lovers; although I wouldn’t strictly call this song vaporwave – it’s more polished than that.  Dreamy vocals echo out from across the void, to the accompaniment of some groovy scuffling percussion and warm synth washes. I CALL IT ANTI-POST-NEO-VAPOR-CORE-WAVE.

'Daydreaming' - Radiohead

I must say I do prefer Thom when he’s singing rather than whimpering, but the pianos are so gorgeous that he could be blowing raspberries over the top and I’d still be hypnotised. Also, as evident from the video, it seems Willie Nelson has risen from the dead and joined the band – WHY WASN’T THAT IN THE NEWS?

'I Need A Forest Fire' - James Blake ft. Bon Iver

I told you there was a lot of male whimpering this week – although James Blake and Bon Iver are probably the kings of tasteful male whimpering. I mean they actually make it sound emotional (men have emotions, what?) to the point that it’s hauntingly so.

'Can’t Stop The Feeling' - Justin Timberlake

This is Justin’s answer to Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ – an upbeat funky anthem that sees the singer maturing past his ‘sexy back’ phase, creating a dance anthem that all the family can enjoy. It’s the kind of adorable song you can’t help but fall for, and I have total faith that the radio will overplay it.


'4 Million' - Riff Raff

Riff Raff seems to be slowly losing his sense of satire. The thought that he might actually become a serious rapper is about as disconcerting as Donald Trump actually becoming president.