Friday 23 June 2017

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 23/06/2017: Calvin Harris, Dizzee Rascal, Queens of the Stone Age and more...

I’m back from my holiday to the moon. I know you've been longingly waiting for my return, staring out the window and crying yourself to sleep at night. There, there. It's all okay now that Music Related Junk is back. Your life is whole again.


‘The N_Wrd’ – Earth2Tom & Frshrz

To this day, a certain word beginning with ‘n’ continues to spark controversy. Whilst many modern rappers use it more liberally than ever before, London hip hop collective Frshrz show that you can write a song just as well without it (even going so far as to load the rest of the track with other n words). It’s neat, novel and nimbly enunciated (I did think about writing this whole description out of n words but it knackered my noggin).

‘Feels’ – Calvin Harris ft. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry & Big Sean

EDM mogul Calvin Harris bored me with his last album of cookie-cut bangers, so much so that my review was just a video of paint drying (my most detailed review to date). Calvin clearly read my review and has now decided to return to his disco roots much to my delight. I guess it’s just as formulaic, but I’m a sucker for funky guitars, plus there are no big-ass predictable drops, plus Katy Perry isn’t trying to be political, plus Big Sean isn't trying to be Drake.

‘Space’ – Dizzee Rascal’

Dizzee’s flows on this new single are some of his most dizzying yet. In fact, these bars are so phenomenally acrobatic that I’m willing to forgive the weak hook. In fact, hearing this track, I’m almost willing to forgive that awful Robbie Williams collaboration back in 2013. Dizzee has completely redeemed himself. Balance has been restored to the universe.

‘16 Psyche’ – Chelsea Wolfe

With roots in gloomy folk, Chelsea Wolfe has gradually drifted into the world of heavy metal. Her ethereal voice pairs well with some sludgy swampland riffage, which in this instance comes courtesy of guitarist Troy Van Leewun of Queens of the Stone Age (more on these dudes later). The chorus is also impressively loud, although it doesn’t help that when adjusting the volume I accidentally revved it up to 100% during this section of the song. Still, aside from nearly rupturing my eardrums, I found this to be an enjoyable listen.

 ‘Can’t Do’ – Everything Everything

I’m loving the bass/ I’m loving the drums’. This line pretty much sums up my feelings. Also, this Manc band has to be one of the few rock groups that genuinely gets better the poppier they become. 


‘The Way You Used To Do’ - Queens of the Stone Age

Mark Ronson was called upon to handle the production on this single. Did they ask him to completely muffle out the cymbals? Why do the guitars feel so lifeless too? Rock clearly isn’t Ronson’s forte.