Friday 14 July 2017

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 14/07/2017: Tyler the Creator, Ariel Pink, Dizzee Rascal and more...

This week Coldplay are recycling song titles and Tyler the Creator is feeling lonely.


‘Chinese Waiter’ – Shy Boyz

This Philly duo’s Bandcamp page is quite the spectacle. I almost got Stendhal syndrome just looking at that beautiful album cover. Straight off that LP, this new single is a groovy lo-fi tune about learning cultural appreciation through the medium of a Chinese waiter. It’s a bizarrely random thing to write a song about, and incredible for that reason alone. Can you name another song out there about Chinese waiters? No, you can’t. There you have it – these dudes are pioneers.

‘Boredom’ – Tyler, the Creator

Set to appear on the rapper’s upcoming record Scum Fuck Flower Boy (what a name for an album), this new soulful single sees the provocative rapper at his most mature yet. Like, there isn’t a single rape joke in sight. Backed by some signature jazzy chords and gospel vocal harmonies, it’s a personal exploration of loneliness that feels sincere whilst still keeping the rapper’s charm as a weirdo.

 ‘Time to live’ – Ariel Pink

Lo-fi-loving crackpot Ariel Pink will be following up his 2014 album Pom Pom soon with another serving of experimental tunes. ‘Time to Live’ turns out to be a catchy dose of Adam-Ant-esque new wave – once you get past the first three minutes of noisiness which seems to contain everything from wailing screams to fuzzy metal riffs.

‘Wot U Gonna Do?’ – Dizzee Rascal

Backed by some spooky synths and a blitzkrieg of bass, Dizzee delivers another speedy diss track in the same vein as his last single ‘Space’. Many are speculating that the rapper could be taking shots at fellow grime artist Wiley, but to be honest this track could be directed at any rapper. In fact, judging from the lyrics, it could even be an introspective diss aimed at himself! But maybe I’ve just been listening too much to that Ugly God track.


‘It’s Everyday Bro’ – Jake Paul ft. Team 10

Move aside Kendrick Lamar. Jake Paul and his crew of fellow famous(?) Youtubers are here to steal the hip hop crown. My favourite line: ‘England is my city’.

‘Miracles (Someone Special)’ - Coldplay ft. Big Sean

I had to check, but yes, Coldplay already have a single named ‘Miracles’. Despite the unoriginal title however, this is probably one of their more original tracks musically in a while, sounding like a crossover between U2 and early Calvin Harris, and whilst I thought I liked it initially, I left it unable to remember a single lyric or hook – was there even a chorus? Also, Big Sean’s verse about struggling to fame feels so out of place and clich├ęd.