Friday 28 July 2017

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 28/07/2017: Lomboy, 50ft Warrior, Kesha and more...

Bringing you shamanistic rock, sunshiny pop and shitty hip hop.


 ‘Loverboy’ - Lomboy

This video is aesthetic as fuck. Combined with the hypnotic glitched-out delivery and creepily clingy lyrics, it’s gorgeously unsettling. I can find very little about the artist other than that s/he’s from Tokyo, which may well be a complete lie. Nothing is real.

‘50ft Warrior’ – 50ft Warrior

Having always been a fan of Siouxsie Sioux and her witchy vibes, it’s great to see a band like this Liverpool 5 piece pushing this sound to new supernatural levels (it's ‘shamanistic’ rock to quote the band). There’s enough reverb to fill the Grand Canyon on this chick’s voice and I’m loving the way she incants the word ‘warrior’ as if it’s one syllable.

‘The Beautiful Game’ - RAC ft. St Lucia

This song is so summery I feel I ought to be bouncing a beach ball around whilst listening to it. It features two indie pop Pollyannas, RAC and St Lucia (who have collaborated before), throwing their catchy and springy vocals over a tropical mixture of sounds.

‘Just So You Know’ – Holy Oysters

You might as well slap on some factor 50 sun cream given how sunshiny this week's songs have been. This disco-flavoured indie single has it all from funky falsettos to sugary synths and comes courtesy of Parisian band Holy Oysters. The band amusingly decided to get rap outfit Alliance Crew to pretend to be them in the video. I admit I was fooled at first.


‘Marmalade’ – Macklemore ft. Lil Yachty

Twee pianos, auto-tune and Lil Yachty make for a mixture that’s about as enjoyable as toothpaste and orange juice. Although got to agree with Macklemore - Toy Story 3 was a good movie.

‘Learn To Let Go’ - Kesha

I wish I could say I missed Kesha, but I really haven’t. No longer crafting annoying party pop, she’s now turned schmaltzy and bland, which is arguably worse.