Friday 11 August 2017

BEST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 11/08/2017: Kelela, Everything Everything, Avicii and more...

I really tried to hate on some songs this week, but nothing stood out to me as particularly hateable. Consequently it’s all tracks I loved in this week’s selection.

‘Can You Talk To People Around The World On The Internet?’  - Hot Dad

This is such a stupidly ingenious song concept, made better by the beautifully retro synths and vocoders. I do hope Hot Dad’s dreams of communicating to people around the world on the internet come true. 

 ‘Hey Ho’ – oscar oscar

Is ‘ground-breaking’ too hyperbolic a word to use? That's certainly the way I feel towards the alien clicks and chimes kicking off this track. And if the production didn't bring enough of a unique flavour, the Brisbane artist then decides to top it off with a matchless vocal style made up otherworldly quivering falsettos. It’s wonderfully weird – the stuff us bloggers get off to.

 ‘LMK’ - Kelela

I couldn’t be asked to set up an Apple Music account, but nevermind, I can finally join in the hype now that there’s a music video on Youtube - and what a cool music video it is! The alt-r&b songstress parades through a futuristic nightclub whilst donning a myriad of different coloured wigs. Her sound meanwhile continues to be a more danceable version of FKA Twigs, whilst also serving as a more eccentric version of Tinashe. It's the best of both r&b worlds.

‘Without Love’ – Alice Glass

Alice Glass was formerly frontwoman of an electropunk group called Crystal Castles. Now the singer is going at it solo to a backdrop of equally glitched out and warped electronica beats. She’s planning on touring with Marilyn Manson, who may well have been an influence on the creepy video, which sees her writhing around like she needs an exorcist surrounded by vines.

 ‘Desire’ – Everything Everything

There are some parts of this song that are startlingly Muse-like. But these UK indie rockers have always been more silly than melodramatic, allowing them to pull off the theatrics more tastefully. I also don’t know about you, but that fat guitar tone is delicious.

‘Lonely Together’ – Avicii ft. Rita Ora

Avicii claimed he was retiring from the music industry last year and yet has decided to release a new song. I’m not mad at him, largely because as EDM bangers go, this new single ‘Lonely Together’ is pretty damn good. Rita’s voice is nothing special, but the reverb-soaked synths vibe with me.