Friday 18 August 2017

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 18/08/2017: Ariel Pink, Brockhampton, Saba and more...

Don't get depressed over dumb terrorists and stupid Nazi rallies. Cheer yourself up with these tunes.


‘Feels like Heaven’ – Ariel Pink

Eccentric experimentalist Ariel Pink is sounding less noisy than he was on ‘Time To Live’, instead giving us some reverb-soaked lovesick New Wave. The haze of rose-tinted guitars and sunny synths are so beautiful that I’m willing to bask in the schmaltziness of the lyrics.

‘Fathers Day’ – NONA

BUT FATHER’S DAY WAS TWO MONTHS AGO??? Alright, keep your hair on, this isn’t a Father’s Day anthem per se, but more a reflection on fatherhood as the LA band’s frontman looks back at his own relationship with his dad. The pensive tone is backed by rose-tinted guitars, just in case you needed an extra fix of rose-tinted guitars this week. It's encouraging stuff from this new wistful indie act.  

‘Junky’ – Brockhampton

This Texas collective of oddball rappers, self-described as the ‘internet’s first boy band’, has been releasing a steady stream of ultra-cool visuals. The music itself has been fairly decent too, but I’ve been waiting for them to wow me enough to jump aboard the hype train. Well, on this single they’ve converted me – set to a tense beat, the members spend each verse of this song digging up their insecurities. They’re all kooky characters and here their kookiness is allowed to shine through.

‘There You Go’ – Saba

Introduced to us via Chance the rapper, fellow Chicago hip hop artist Saba has been working on his own brand of feelgood rap. His beats keep getting jazzier whilst his flow is smooth like butter - or to quote the opening line’s South Park reference: ‘I’m butter like Leopold’.

‘Scars’ - T H i S

I DiD THiNK ABOUT WRiTiNG A WHOLE REViEW LiKE THiS, but thought better of it. Thankfully, the weirdly-stylised band name isn’t the only thing unique about these Welsh rockers. The riffage in this menacing single is pretty creative, particularly the schizopherenic section at the end.


 ‘Empty Barn 3’ – Roro Perrot

This guy has three ‘empty barn’ songs on his channel of him howling horribly whilst savagely strumming an out-of-tune acoustic guitar. It’s not exactly a single, but I thought I ought to share my bafflement with the world.