Friday 25 August 2017

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 25/08/2017: Clipping., LCD Soundsystem, Robert Plant and more...

New music from Clipping., LCD Soundsystem, Robert Plant and other human beings.


‘Looking Glass’ – Lone

Lone’s discography is so vast and yet so consistent in quality. This latest house single pounds along before slowly revealing some magic sparkly chords along with some surprise ray gun synths breaking out over the top.

‘The Deep.’ – Clipping.

The Californian experimental hip hop project are showing off again with a track that continuously speeds up. Produced to sound like its underwater, the beat builds pressure with each verse, whilst Daveed Diggs accelerates the tempo of his flow. Could there be another Clipping album on the horizon?

 ‘tonite’ – LCD Soundsystem

This year, we’ve already been blessed with two singles ‘American Dream’ and ‘Call the Police’ from the synth-rockers. Their latest track centres around a pulsing electro beat and is accompanied by a video which sees the band playing live whilst James Murphy swaggers around them singing into the camera.

 ‘The May Queen’ – Robert Plant

By this point I thought the Led Zep frontman would be past it. But he’s still managing to release interesting solo stuff, this time mixing folk with flecks of electronica. His voice meanwhile has aged like fine wine.

‘Like I Always’ – Kev Minney

From his upcoming astronomically-themed album, Kev releases this new single ‘Like I Always’. The track blends acoustic guitar and digital percussion topped with some hypnotically emotive vocals. 


‘Footprints in the Sand’ – Ian Erix

Corny emo vocals and overblown EDM are a match made in Hell.