Friday 8 September 2017

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 08/09/2017: Death From Above, Kaytranada, St. Vincent and more...


'What You Gonna Do' - Nemi

What you gonna do? Preferably hit that play button - because this song's quite something. Its a moody electro-pop song of sorts with an almost avant-garde beat and wispy vocals that will make you think you're being possessed. It's fucking weird and totally my thing.

‘My Body’ – Saunas

My Hawaiian t-shirt is on. As is my hula dress. I don’t care if summer’s over. From the opening tropical percussion, I knew this single from Nashville indie pop act Saunas was going to be fun. CORRECTION: it’s ‘beach-wave’ not indie pop. Get it right, Alasdair.

 ‘Holy Books’ – Death From Above

I don’t go for no holy books/ Those ancient rhymes, they ain’t got no hooks’. Fuzzy-guitar loving duo Death From Above certainly aren’t the first rock band to bash religion, but they’re still able to give it their own spin with a marvellously witty chorus. The riffs meanwhile make me want chop logs with my bare hands.

‘2017 07 04’ – Kaytranada

The Canadian-Haitian producer just released three untitled beats on Soundcloud and they’re all pretty damn sexy. This one is my personal fave. Aside from the slinky bassline and glistening chords, it’s got a nice rough edge to it. The king of smooth production has sandblasted his sound and it still bangs.

 ‘Los Ageless’ – St. Vincent

St. Vincent has gone full-on pop. This latest groovy number didn’t really hook me for the first minute (staring at a butt can be distracting), but then that lavish chorus came in and reeled me in. It’s a vast improvement from her previous single ‘New York’. Annie has also released the tracklist for her new album and not all the song titles are inspired by US cities. I have a feeling it will all be devoid of distorted guitars, but if it’s more pop jams of this calibre I don’t mind.


 ‘Goofy’ – Lil Durk ft. Future & Jeezy

I’m gonna pretend Future’s warbling about the Disney character, because no way is ‘goofy’ the new street slang term.