Friday 29 September 2017

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 29/09/2017: ABRA, Electric Wizard, Gwen Stefani and more...

New tracks from ABRA, Electric Wizard, Gwen Stefani and more...


‘Bubblebutt’ – Pink Kink

No, this isn’t a Major Lazer cover. It’s something very different. Set to scuzzy guitars and spooky fairgrounds organs, the Liverpool rockers retaliate against all the lecherous fans that have been ogling their butts at their shows. Even if you find the screechy overt feminism off-putting, there’s something charming in how wacky this song is. Pink Kink have long been touring but have only just started recording material. Let’s hope they record more.

‘Cold war’ – Cautious Clay

Over a skeletal beat, this Brookyln-via-Washington-DC r&b singer lays down some beautifully cryptic lyrics referencing everything from video games to Tinder. Verses meanwhile are punctuated by reverb-drenched choral harmonies. He even teases us with some sax at the end. It’s the most seductive song about the Cold War that I’ve ever heard.

‘Novacane’ – ABRA

Dreamy r&b songstress ABRA is showing off her production talents on this new song made up of cloudy synths and retro 808s. Whilst there are vocals, they’re all digitally tampered with. ABRA's music already sounded futuristic - now it's entered excitingly alien territory.

 ‘See You In Hell’ – Electric Wizard

Doom metal group Electric Wizard throw down some good-old-fashioned sludgy riffs certain to have you scrunching up your face in pleasure (or displeasure if sludgy riffs aren’t your thing). It’s like Black Sabbath turned up a notch – retro video included.


‘You make it feel like Christmas’ – Gwen Stefani

We’ve barely exited summer, the shops have only just started stocking up Halloween costumes, and Gwen Stefani has decided to drop a Christmas single. Honestly, fuck off. To make matters worse, the song is tripe.