Friday 22 December 2017

My Top 20 Favourite Tracks Of 2017

Having explored the worst tracks of the year, it’s now time for my favourite tunes of 2017. Buckle up and enjoy!

20. 'Power' – Rapsody ft. Kendrick Lamar & Lance SkIIIWalker

Rapsody and Kendrick make such a good hip hop pairing on this single, complemented by a deliciously groovy beat.

19. 'Not My Fault' – False Advertising

The Manchester rock trio (who happened to release my favourite track of 2016) continue to make rewarding use of catchy female-fronted vocals and sludgy guitar distortion.

18. 'Bad French' – Teen Dream Woman

Bad French deliver some uniquely hypnotic electropop. I’m in love with the synths and wobbly percussion.

17. 'Bubble Butt' – Kink

After years of being a notorious live-only band, Kink released their first recorded single this year – a mix of carnivalesque surf rock and cartoonish feminist chants that’s stupidly fun.

16. 'Can You Talk To People Around The World On The Internet?' – Hot Dad

Hot Dad releases this ingeniously comedic synthpop track centred around technology and the possible uses it may be able to bring us in the distant future.

15. 'Ghost' – Liana Banks

The husky vocals and minimal instrumentation make for an intimately sexy combo on this sleek R&b track. Its lyrics about ‘ghosting’ also make it a very current love (or indeed anti-love) song.

14. 'Afraid To Love You' – Native Kings

Liverpool 3-piece rock band deliver this infectious anthem with an epic chorus and some satisfyingly groovy riffage.

13. 'Feels' – Calvin Harris ft. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry & Big Sean

My pop guilty-pleasure of the year – it’s star-studded, funky and catchy even if my mum thinks it’s ‘don’t be afraid to catch fish’.

12. '4:44' - Jay-z

The veteran rapper puts arrogance aside, instead offering a raw apology over some equally raw soulful production.

11. 'Ruby Lips' – Dollie Demi

Nottingham singer-songwriter Dollie Demi delivers this catchy slice of girl-power-themed pop-rock.

10. 'Lemon' – N.E.R.D ft. Rihanna

This comeback single from N.E.R.D is an absolute banger an energetic music video featuring some incredible dance choreography. Also, who knew Rihanna could rap?

9. 'Loverboy' – Lomboy

It’s hard to put a genre label on this glitched-out hypnotic track. The aesthetic of the video is just as unique. Lomboy appears to be a collective with members based in Paris and Tokyo.

8.' tonite' – LCD Soundsystem

Set to a pulsing electro beat, ‘tonite’ confronts people’s obsessions with living for the moment and never going out there and achieving their dreams. It’s a mighty return to form for the indie electro-rockers.

7. '1st World Problems Solved' – Vulture St. Tape Gang

Aussie group Vulture St. Tape Gang deliver this hilariously arrogant but utterly feelgood jazzy tune.

6. 'Yeah Right' – Vince Staples ft. Kendrick Lamar

Produced by SOPHIE and Flume, this instrumental is absolutely monstrous. Vince’s lyrics meanwhile attack the braggadocio of other rappers. The Kendrick verse is icing on the cake.

5. 'Ain’t Got Time' – Tyler, the Creator

The beat here is one-of-a-kind – it’s like some tango-trap hybrid. Tyler’s ‘I ain’t got tiiiiime’ hook meanwhile is incredibly infectious. The beat change towards the second half makes it all the more satisfying.

4. 'Everytime' – Boy Pablo

At first I thought I loved this song just because of the goofy video, but having continuously returned to it I’ve realised it’s just a brilliant song. It’s dreamy lo-fi pop-rock that takes you away to a happy place.   

3. 'Mother' – Idles

‘Mother’ is a song with few lyrics but so much meaning. It’s a tribute to his mother, but more poignantly it’s a song about the oppression of the working class. His angry vocals make it all the more moving.

2. 'Real Death' – Mount Eerie

Death is real/ someone’s there and then they’re not/ and it’s not for singing about/ it’s not for making into art’. Many songs try to make sense of death. Not this one. Written days after the death of his wife and played on her instruments, ‘Real Death’ captures raw grief like no other song has. It’s both horrific and beautiful.

1. 'Friend Zone' - Thundercat

Thundercat’s defiant anthem against being friendzoned isn’t particularly deep or complex – but for whatever reason it’s had me hooked. With its humorous lyrics and funky synth arpeggios, there’s something so feelgood about it. There are lots of songs about unrequited love – it’s nice to hear a song about breaking away.