Friday 12 April 2019

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 12/04/2019: Men I Trust, Omar Addis, Schoolboy Q and more...

This week I decided to travel the cosmos (if you look closely enough at that picture of the black hole released this week, you can just about see me in my spaceship), and having scoured every galaxy I can confirm that Music Related Junk is still the greatest music blog in the universe. Don’t believe me? Then you're clearly an idiot.


‘Aperture’ – Omar Addis

This genre-bending mix of psychedelic guitars, slow-grooving synth bass and sighed-out vocals is absolutely captivating. In fact, it doesn’t sound like anything I’ve heard before. The 20-year old producer/singer has a recently released EP out titled Double Digits, which you can listen to here if you’re craving more of these moody groovy tunes.

‘Numb’ – Men I Trust

Montreal band Men I Trust deliver this gorgeously melancholy ballad set to somnambulic synths and slinky bass. I can just picture a lonely couple slowdancing to this at the end of an 80s high school prom. It’s the kind of dreamy indie sound I hoped from Tame Impala’s new single ‘Borderline’, also released this week (which I found pretty disappointing - but not enough to feature it in my worst songs).

‘Paralyzed’ – Jong SL

It’s all been a bit gloomy this week, which may lead people to believe I’m depressed or something, but I assure you I’m not. ‘Paralyzed’ sounds a bit like ‘Numb’ (even the titles both have similar meanings), but gives me more of a Radiohead vibe. South-Korea-born singer-songwriter Jong SL has a beautiful voice and I love the way it soars off in the chorus.

 ‘Post-op’ – Miki Montebello ft. Dallas James

The rapped verse at the beginning seemed to suggest that this was going to be a pretty standard hip hop track. I certainly wasn’t expecting the song to launch into a house beat with bouncy pianos and soulful singing. Lyrically, it centres around healing from a breakup – the sharp change of direction in the song reflects the switch from focusing on one’s ex to focusing on oneself. The vibrant track comes straight off the Brooklyn-based artist’s breakup-themed album Blanco Tigre.

‘Solou’ – tourdefrance

I couldn’t find out much information about this Vancouver duo – they don’t even seem to have a Facebook page. I hope they do get down to doing some marketing because their lo-fi house sound deserves more attention (just wait until those chords come in around the fifty second mark). It’s the type of music that they play in swanky London bars that sell cocktails I can't afford.


Chopstix – Schoolboy ft. Travis Scott

‘CHHHOPSTICKS! CHHHHOPSTICKS! CHOP! CHOP! CHOP!’ This hook is absolutely dreadful. It pains me to think how much Travis got paid for this.