Friday 19 July 2019

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 19/07/2019: Moon Boots, Stray Fossa, Ed Sheeran and more...

Ed Sheeran just won't stop releasing new music...


‘Tied Up’ – Moon Boots

It’s the 50th anniversary of man’s first step on the moon – so a new track from electronic producer Moon Boots seems apt. It’s his usual nostalgia-soaked style of house music, this time featuring some catchy doo-doo-doo vocals and BDSM-themed lyrics (or at least that’s my interpretation).

 ‘Eyze’ – Stray Fossa

Charlottesville indie rock/dream pop group Stray Fossa deliver this gorgeous single titled ‘Eyze’ (pronounced ‘eyes’ I think). I thought that bass riff and harmonised vocals were as pretty as this track was going to get, but then that guitar bridge at the 1:30 mark came along and gave me an outer body experience. Apparently, the guitarist fought hard to keep it at 32 bars. It’s a good thing it wasn’t longer, otherwise I’m pretty sure I’d still be floating around the astral plane.

 ‘Baby Don’t’ – L’resorts

This cheery little track about falling out of love sounds like something that could have came out in the 60s. It has Sonny and Cher vibes – but with a slightly more tropical flavour. The track comes off the Milwaukee duo’s new self-titled album, which is released today.

 ‘Bite Your Soul’ – Hye Sung ft. Shiloh

Lo-fi sobbed vocals, heavily compressed hip hop drums and pretty synth swells make for a pretty cool concoction on this new track from Seoul producer Hye Sung. It’s got a bit of a Kaytranada vibe (only more depressive) and a slight XXXTentacion vibe (only less depressive). The vocals were sampled from Shiloh Dynasty – a mysterious singer who rose to popularity on Instagram in 2016 before seemingly disappearing.


‘Baby’ – Lil Baby & DaBaby

Trap rappers Lil Baby and DaBaby have collaborated for a track titled ‘Baby’. As interesting as that concept is, this might just be the least interesting trap rap song I’ve ever heard. This is music for getting your baby to sleep.

‘Antisocial’ – Ed Sheeran ft. Travis Scott

The movie-referencing music video is pretty mental. As for the song, the theme feels too edgy for Ed Sheeran and too tame for Travis Scott. Besides I've had enough of Ed - the radio is 50% Ed Sheeran already. STOP RELEASING MUSIC!