Friday 12 July 2019

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 12/07/2019: Anna Meredith, Faux Bandit, Slaughter Beach, Dog and more…

Intriguing indie tunes and the most horrific cover I've ever heard.


‘Paramour’ – Anna Meredith

This instrumental track from UK composer/musician Anna Meredith is truly genre-bending. It begins with a hyperspeed oscillating synth that is gradually joined by more instruments from cellos to electric guitars, taking various twists and turns but never losing momentum. The exciting musical journey is visually captured in a music video following a Lego train.

‘The Pros and Cons of Object Permanence’ – Faux Bandit

Brisbane rock duo Faux Bandit, who have previously been featured on my blog, are back with another loud and meaty track. Yelled lyrics, angry guitars and a stomping snare propel the track along before progressing into a satisfying instrumental outro. It comes off their upcoming EP Rock N Roll Simulator 2019.

‘Kate Moss’ – The Criticals

A song about Kate Moss is not what I expected to hear in 2019, but it fits in with the early 00’s nostalgia that this song seems to be going for. Made up of groovy guitars, Strokes-esque vocals and even some catchy vocal ahh-ahh-ahhs, the track melds the best of vintage indie rock, resulting in a tune that’s irresistibly feelgood.

‘Heart Attack’ – Slaughter Beach, Dog

You know that feeling of anxiety you get when longingly awaiting a phone call? Slaughter Beach, Dog (the solo-project-turned-band of Modern Baseball’s Jake Ewald) have created a song centred around that feeling. It glides along breezily to a backdrop of mellow guitar chords and is accompanied by a music video that’s both cute and depressing. The single comes off the band’s upcoming album Safe And Also No Fear.

‘Birthdayland’ – Chernobyl Sunshine Club

Chernobyl Sunshine Club’s odd choice of band name fits them. ‘Birthdayland’ is both warm and melancholy like a sunny day in Chernobyl. There’s a definite alt rock flavour to it, but the weird ascending drum loop throughout the track gives the song its own style entirely.


 ‘Spicy’ – Herve Pagez & Diplo ft. Charli XCX

I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want. I want my memory erased so that I can pretend this sacrilegious cover/remix never existed. These bastards just butchered my childhood. Even the space dolphins in the music video can’t compensate for that.