Friday 22 May 2020

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 22/05/2020: Snoop Dogg, Everything Everything, Gunna and more…

Snoop wants to go outside and Everything Everything are praying to sewerage.


‘I Wanna Go Outside’ – Snoop Dogg

Snoop really wants to go outside (in case you were wondering what this track is about). If any other artist made a song like this is would be dumb, but somehow Snoop can turn any random thought into a bop. The beat slaps and the vocals are a mix of rapping and singing with some signature West Coast vocoders thrown in. It might be the first lockdown anthem that I haven’t found to be utterly nauseating.   

‘Arch Enemy’ – Everything Everything

This new track from UK art rockers Everything Everything is literally about a man praying to a sentient lump of sewerage. It could be a reference to a certain man in power, but knowing Everything Everything’s out-there tendencies it may not be. The track bounces along to an instrumental made up of groovy bass and gaudy synths before teasing the listener with an eruption of manic guitars at the end. A new album titled Re-Animator has also been announced.

‘Behind the Wall Of Sleep’ – Onoe Caponoe

Onoe Caponoe has the best ear for beats of any UK rapper. Just listen to this gorgeous production and tell me it doesn’t give you goosebumps. The bars seem to be an outpouring of depressive thoughts. It’s painfully raw and one of the best tracks I’ve heard from Onoe.

‘Looking For Love’ – Drew Kelly

With its thick ultra-compressed production made up of punchy drums and swirling synths, this track from Atlanta artist Drew Kelly has a really cool vibe to it. It also sports a mightily catchy hook. I tried digging for more information on this mysterious artist but ‘a boy with a passion to make people groove’ was all I could find.

‘Highway To The Stars’ – Fabyl

This jittery single from London-based producer Nick Faber is an intense mix of breakbeat-inspired percussion, frenetic guitars, bluesy vocals and atmospheric synths. It’s an innovative blend of musical styles that I’d like to hear more of. ‘Highway To The Stars’ is set to appear on an upcoming album titled The Lost Highway Tapes, which is inspired by encounters with busking blues musicians.


‘Wunna' - Gunna

This whole trend of rapping in bullet points has to stop.