Saturday 13 November 2021

BEST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 13/11/2021: Saba, Charli XCX, Shame and more…

NO WORST TRACKS THIS WEEK. There were far too many good tracks to choose from that I didn't have any space for bad tracks. Here are some of my favourites from the last week.

‘Fearmonger’ – Saba

This is the funkiest and most feelgood song we’ve heard from Chicago rapper Saba. The beat gives me TPAB vibes (as soon as that bassline came in, I was sold) and the chorus has an upbeat Outkast flavour to it. Despite the clear musical influences, Saba’s delivery during the verses still feels unique and totally his. There are also some great bars here – the lyrical theme seems to be fear, which is at odds with the feelgood sound at the track, but somehow works. All in all, it’s a phenomenal track.

‘New Shapes’ – Charlie XCX (ft. Christine and the Queens and Caroline Polachek)

Having already dabbled in 90s nostalgia in ‘1999’, Charli XCX has now decided to give the 80s a go. Considering almost every pop artist has been trying to revive the 80s since, well, the 80s, another 80s-inspired pop song might not sound like much to get excited about. But this new Charli track is a blast – the Van Halen synths and Fine Young Cannibals snare sound so authentic. It makes me want to perm my hair and wear neon hotpants. Christine and the Queens and Caroline Polachek feature as guests alongside Charli and together they all give the track a sense of freshness.

‘This Side of The Sun’ – Shame

UK post-punk band Shame are already back with new music after dropping a killer album Drunk Tank Pink at the start of 2021. ‘This Side of The Sun’ sees the band continue to deliver their signature twisted and chaotic guitar harmonies. Steen’s vocals alternate from a forceful bellow to a Julian-Casablancas-esque croon. It’s another super track from Shame. The video makes my lungs hurt.

‘Rain of Gold’ – Savri ft. Anna Eline

This jazzy epic is the work of Swiss-born UK-based multi-instrumentalist SAVRI and features vocals from Anna Eline. It starts fairly subdued with some warm keys and gentle percussion, but gradually builds layers of horns, strings and guitar, eventually reaching a wild crescendo (when that long wobbly synth comes in, the track completely takes off). The track comes off of Savri’s new EP Not About Me.    

‘Always About Me’ – Indigo

Upcoming pop artist Indigo brings a mix of sass and sugariness on this ridiculously catchy single ‘Always About Me’. It’s a song about no longer wanting to play the victim and learning to practice self-love, delivered through a series of addictive hooks over some bright synths. This single is set to appear on an upcoming EP. Definitely an artist to watch!

‘Drip’ – Rolo Tomassi

It’s been years since I listened to this band. I used to be obsessed with them – why did I forget they existed??? The Sheffield experimental rockers have dropped a new track called ‘Drip’ and it’s absolutely brutal. It suspensefully builds around polyrhythmic drums and then explodes into a blitzkrieg of screaming and insanely heavy guitars. It then turns soft and melodic for a couple minutes before bringing back the heaviness. It’s the same thrilling band I remember.