Saturday 18 February 2023

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 18/02/2023: Indigo De Souza, Squid, DaBaby and more...

Love is not in the air. I couldn’t find any decent new love songs this week to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Instead, this week’s all a bit gloomy and depressing. Fortunately, I like gloomy and depressing songs. Artists featured this week include Indigo De Souza, Latir, Squid, Kety Fusco, Casey Møøn and DaBaby.


‘Younger & Dumber’ – Indigo De Souza

This song from North Carolina singer Indigo De Souza perfectly encapsulates the helpless feeling of not knowing what direction to go in after a breakup. You cannot return to the life you had before the relationship because you’re such a different person now, and yet you cannot move forward because all of your future plans have been taken away. The emotionally raw delivery of lines like ‘I don’t feel at home in this house anymore’ combined with footage from childhood home videos had me fighting back tears. It’s beautifully heart-wrenching stuff – and I say this as someone who usually cannot stand country ballads.

‘E1’ -Latir

Latir is an alternative r&b artist from London. His latest single ‘E1’ is a gritty tribute to the East End that he grew up in (I never thought Bethnal Green would get its own anthem). I’m loving the menacing bassline and Latir’s reverb-soaked voice. The video is also very high quality for a British underground artist. This guy is definitely one to watch!

‘Swing (In A Dream)’ – Squid

Wacky UK post-punk band Squid are back and are planning to release an upcoming album titled O Monolith in June this year. ‘Swing (In A Dream)’ is our first glimpse from it and it’s a typically dizzying track with a really exhilarating build up. Ollie Judge even seems to have calmed down on the yelping (which was my one gripe with their previous album). Extra points for the amazing video too.

‘halflight’ – Casey Møøn

‘Halflight’ is a song about disassociating from a once familiar place. It features some fantastic moody synths that feel like they’re out of some Blade-Runner-esque sci-fi movie. I’m not usually a big autotune fan, but here it feels tasteful and adds to the spacey atmosphere. The track comes off of the Canadian singer-songwriter’s new EP titled ashes - the third of a trilogy of EPs.

‘2072’ – Kety Fusco

‘2072’ does indeed sounds like something that people might be listening to in 2072. The futuristic instrumental is the work of experimental harp player Kety Fusco, who I’ve previously featured on the blog, and features some more playful effects, this time resulting in a brooding cinematic vibe. It’s definitely not the type of music you imagine when you think of harp music.   


‘Yea come on’ – DaBaby

I’ve never liked DaBaby, but I think whoever produced this track clearly dislikes DaBaby even more than me, because this is one of the most low-effort poorly-mixed beats I’ve ever heard. It's as if they deliberately tried to make the rapper sound worse.