Friday 18 June 2021

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 18/06/2021: Hiatus Kaiyote, Section H8, Lorde and more…

This week features everything from hardcore punk/metal to experimental harp music. 


‘Chivalry Isn’t Dead’ – Hiatus Kaiyote

Melbourne neo-soul band Hiatus Kaiyote have dropped another gem from their upcoming album. It’s got a funky chorus that slaps you in the face and there are some lyrics about seahorses and hummingbirds that seem to be a metaphor for sex (a unique take on the birds and the bees). In frontwoman Nai Palm’s own words: ‘I’m gonna write a song that’s 3:40 long, and it’s about sex, but I’m gonna make it fucking weird’.

‘Ma Gnossienne’ – Kety Fusco

This is a harp cover of Erik Satie’s ‘Gnossienne no. 1’. Harp covers aren’t usually the type of tracks I cover on this blog, but this one is quite exceptional. With the help of a soundboard, the Italian-Swiss harpist adds some creative electronic effects that gives the whole piece an eerie atmosphere. She even scratches a vinyl record against the strings of the harp at one point and lets it echo like some horror movie sound effect. It's entrancing and very creative. The track comes from her upcoming album DAZED.

‘Nightmare’ - Section H8

This monstrous riff-fest from LA hardcore band Section H8 makes me want to smash shit up. IFUIE89 8EHHJBE OHEO 897JJ88GIB UIHVK. That’s me smashing my laptop up. Every riff is more ferocious than the last. The shouty vocals are badass too. 

‘Falling In Line’ – N0V3L

Vancouver band, N0V3L, have a raw 80s post-punk sound that I’m loving. Chorus-slathered guitars snake around a groovy bassline with some moody saxophone thrown in there too. There’s something quite dark about their sound, while also being danceable. ‘Falling In Line’ comes off of N0V3L’s debut album NON-FICTION.

‘In My Mind’ – GOLDHOPE

This new single is the work of London alt pop duo GOLDHOPE. It features some beautifully moody synths and a memorable chorus that feels both pained and sensual. The duo are releasing a new EP titled Divided in July.


‘Solar Power’ – Lorde

Lorde's new comeback single has a surprising lack of energy for a song called 'Solar Power'. It starts to get interesting at the end when it reaches its Hey-Jude-style closing chorus, but its not as epic as it believes itself to be.