Friday 7 November 2014

Review of 'Michael' by Les Sins

Ex-chillwave-producer Chaz Bundick has dropped the ‘Toro y Moi’ pseudonym in exchange for ‘Les Sins’ and is now making more up-tempo, dancey stuff. 

Its house music for the most part, but a lot more intimate than your regular David Guetta shit. The textures are earthy, diverse and bright. There are woozy synth chords, mellow pianos and even some scary rave stabs on the track ‘Call’. Unlike your regular David Guetta shit, each texture is given space to breathe, instead of being a suffocating wall of synths. The drum patterns are also pretty creative, unlike your regular David Guetta shit.

Of course, unlike your regular David Guetta shit, I can’t see any of the tracks from Michael being played in a club. Its chillaxation material more than anything, which is good enough for me. If I had one complaint it would be the slightly odd choice of vocal samples. They seem to have been randomly plucked out of thin air, but they’re not obtrusive enough to distract from the fun sunny instrumentals, so it’s no biggie.